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    Show/Hide Unit Problem

    I've got a couple of trigger design to hide a particular building and spawn a unit for that building, then after a condition is met the building is to reappear and the unit is to be removed. The triggers I have work fine when they first run, but on the second time around they don't hide the...
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    Changing Unit Speed

    I buildings/unit that I built to stop a creep wave(td style), but when the wave spawns I want to give these units/buidlings a movement speed boost, because I want to set their speed extremely low so the can't really move (like .01 ms) and then when the wave spawns I want to boost them up to...
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    Need Help with Some Triggers

    Alright, I've been playing around with these triggers for a while now, but no matter what I seem to add or change I can't get them to work right. The idea behind these triggers is that the game will check every 5 seconds to see if player 10 and 5 have any units in the map. If no then it will...
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    Question About Unit Types

    There are several unit types in the game: Light, Armored, Massive, Biological, Psionic, and Mechanical(maybe more don't have a complete list). Each one of these has benifits and drawbacks according to the attacking units weapon. Some weapons do more to light others to armor, but what happens in...
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    Third Part Programs

    Third Party Programs I've been doing some research online, plus some wondering, but what are all the programs out there to be used or that are in developement to help with th use of the Galaxy Editor. Right now I know of two: Moonlite Map Studio open beta Milkyway Editor(Might be old...
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    I hate those Civilians

    Okay my problem is this: I created a Rebel tower and gave it the throw molotov ability and used the same and a duplicate weapon(not at the same time) that they used in the campaign. I took it off Disabled and Hidden. Got everything looking good then test him out. They would throw the...