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  1. Phubar

    Behavior that reduces % damage in an arc

    Hi, im back after some years :) I want to make this happen: if a unit takes damage from the front of its model reduce damage by a %, if another unit takes damage fron its sides it reduces damage by a %, if an unit takes damage from rear it takes increased % damage. If the reduction would be at...
  2. Phubar

    Functions: how and why?

    Hi, i want to figure out what are functions made for and how them work in general line. I made a new function and it looks like a trigger with variables and a list of actions (though there are no event and conditons) Can you explain very fast hte core parts of the function window? Tnx fort the help!
  3. Phubar

    Libraries, how they work?

    Hi all, like the name of the topic i want to know how trigger libraries work in general lines. Can you link a simple tutorial or explain in a very easy way what can i do with them? I just want to know what are them made for, not a step by step explanation on how to use them. That maybe later :)
  4. Phubar

    Units dropped by drop pod

    Hi! I want to have infantry units dropped by drop pods near barracks, like mercs. In the training ability i set "MercGroundDrop" as effect in the last field and the units arrive after a small delay. I tried to figure out how to play the actor that has the animation of the falling drop pod but i...
  5. Phubar

    Model rotation and positioning of footprint of new building

    Hi! I made a duplicate of the barraks, i changed the model in the actor with the civilian large building one and it's all fine, i can see it. But there are two things that i want to do: - Change the rotation of the model in order to have this orientation "\" instead of this "/" - Change the...
  6. Phubar

    How to merge 2 or more mod files

    Hi, there is a way to merge together 2 or more mod files in one single file? I have to do a mod but i want to practice in a second file before adding the new things in the main one. So if a make things working i want to add them in the other file without rewriting them or without copy-paste...
  7. Phubar

    Units that need an upgrade to be trained.

    Hi, in my map i want to select wich units i can train at he start of the game (with a dialog). How can i make every unit trainable only if i selected it's upgrade in the dialog? I'm playng with data dut i can't reach any results... PS: i looked at the science vessel to try to understand...
  8. Phubar

    Number of ammo available

    Hi, how works the count of the ammo? Ie the number of granades, or nukes, or something else? I add rounds to the nuke magazine of the arm magazine ability, the ability on the spectre turns colored but the number of rounds remains at zero...
  9. Phubar

    How to add Nuke rounds on a Spectre?

    Hi, i want to add a Nuke round to a Spectre at athe start of the map, without having a ghost accademy built. I tried to add ammo (nuke ammo (spectre)) to the spectre but it doesnt works... It works if i add an accademy and add the ammo on it (i've added the nuke ability (spectre) to the accademy)
  10. Phubar

    Loading next map

    Hi! How i have to do in order to load the next map after the player wins? I tried with "Set next map" before "End game for player" but it doesnt work. In the "Set next map" i wrote the entire path of the file of the nex map between " ". It's right?
  11. Phubar

    Bank, how they look like?

    Hi! I will start to learn how to work with banks and the trigger actions seem easy to understand but i have to undestand a very important thing befor starting: how look like the bank? Is there the bank, into it are there many sections and in each section are there a lot of values? Like...
  12. Phubar

    How to show range indicator

    Hi all, i'm back on the editor and now i have to deal with the data editor and unfortunetly i dont understand almost anything... Now i have to do this: Press "N" key and a range circle of X (indipendent integer) range has to appear around my unit. Press "Esc" key and the circle will...
  13. Phubar

    General question about actor triggers action

    Hi all! I had a look at this category of actions but i cant figure out what they are made for. Can someone give me a clue just to understand in what kind of triggers can i use them? Just for curiosity, what does the action that order an actor to look at something? Tnx!
  14. Phubar

    How to add the sky in a map?

    I want to add the sky in a map but i dont even know how to start... :) I tried to look around for some tutorials but i didn't understood anything...
  15. Phubar

    Actor error on terran unit with added protoss shield

    Hi all! I added some shield on some terran (and zerg too) units and when they are attacked i recive a message error referring to the actor of the unit. Do you know why? What i have to modify? Unfortunately i cant see the whole message becouse it's too long. Tnx!
  16. Phubar

    Unit that doesn enter bunker and don't consune energy while cloacked

    Hi, i'm working with some friend to a custom map and i recived a mod containing a new unit, the Black Ghost! Unfotunately he has some problems... 1- He cant enter bunkers 2- while cloacked he doesn't consume energy (he has the normal cloacking ability of "simple" ghosts) How can i fix...
  17. Phubar

    Trigger that replace command card button

    Hi all, i have done a map where you have a main hero character that has to accomplish some objectives. The first one is to destroy some structures in an hostile region an i want to make this part of the map like a 3rd person shooter. No problems with wasd movement or targheting system but i have...
  18. Phubar

    Dont mute while cinematics or transmissions are on

    HI, i made a few transmissions an set cinematic mode on while playng transmissions in order to create a small intro. I set a background sound too (rain) an a random (i mean that it will play every random seconds between 5 and 25) sound of thunders but when the cinematic starts thunders sound...
  19. Phubar

    Creating camera on model in data editor

    Hi all, i'm just tring to make a TPS and i have some problems with the camera (i have big problems with targheting system too but i will create my own traceline in the future). Using the camera command "follow unit" it's non the better idea because the camera isn't firmly locked at the...
  20. Phubar

    Disabling movement on cargo when loading/unloading

    Hi, i want to make a ferry train that can ferry units across a river. The train has only to move between two stations and has to start moving when the player clicks on a command button in the command card of the train. The train can of course load and unload units but i want that it has to...