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  1. Weegee

    Playing an .WAV file with (or without) Direct X

    Sup TH, I've been recently learning how to program in WINDOWS API and i've been having fun making menus, dialog boxes, etc. Recently, I've tried to put these skills to the test and make an application that opens up a song, plays it, then when it finishes, it allows the user to open up another...
  2. Weegee

    All my bookmarks are gone

    So yesterday from this post I had all my bookmarks happy as can be sitting in my chrome web-browser. However, today they all seem to have left me. I am quite saddened by their decision to move on but I can understand it must be tiring sitting inside this cold dark web-browser when I turn this...
  3. Weegee

    Anyone know a good site for Maths

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there had a website that pertains to programming in 3d/2d location, projectiles, etc and that explains how it works in the program/how it works in general. Anything like what I stated above is fine so long as it explains the math, if it isn't in coding...
  4. Weegee

    A strong screen recorder for PC? (with sound recording from mic and stereo mix)

    Can anyone recommend a strong and lightweight screen recorder that captures video and audio (mic and stereo mix)? My last recorder, xsplit broadcaster on local record, worked fine until they discontinued the audio codec so now it doesn't even record the audio. I've tried fraps and camtasia and...
  5. Weegee

    Help me optimize my calculator code!

    I just have a simple request, what are a few ways to optimize my code? This isn't a homework assignment, this is just me trying to learn how to program again after a 2 year lack of C++ (brace yourselves D:) #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <Windows.h> using namespace std...
  6. Weegee

    Looking for some help on fixing stuff in loops and if statements :P

    Hello! I was playing around in VC++ 2010 and tried to make a makeshift "Username and Password" program. Here is the code: // Example use of a data structure #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <string.h> #include <string> using namespace std; struct accountinfo {...
  7. Weegee

    Not the results I wanted

    Recently I was learning from a tutorial site and tried to replicate one of their examples. The link to it is here. The code they used // rememb-o-matic #include <iostream> #include <new> using namespace std; int main () { int i,n; int * p; cout << "How many numbers would you...
  8. Weegee

    Programming with Flash 10.1?

    Anyone know how :P? Or anyone know any other languages like Flash I could use? (Needs website display capabilities I.E. played on the website) +rep anyone :D?
  9. Weegee

    Requesting Logo :)

    Hello everyone, I am requesting logo , just six stars in a circle with a background and some text Example of Stars: Here Put them around the middle of the picture. Background: Blackish. I guess just Black. But if you need to change it for the text to appear better then go ahead Text: I...
  10. Weegee

    C# Decision Help

    Hello, I have a question regarding the language C#. I am stuck between two programs, MOGRE, Which is used as a wrapper for the C# language And just basic XNA 3.1. My question is trying to decide between which one is more suited for me. I am looking for a graphics "add-on" that has good...
  11. Weegee

    [C# (XNA)] Pong Physics Help?

    Hey everyone, I have a question regarding a pong game I am making in C#: What is a good way to do the physics in a pong game? It's just a simple pong game with 2 paddles and a ball. To make things easier, I made the "ball" square. Anyone got any ideas, math equations, code, etc to help me out...
  12. Weegee

    A Banner Request

    Hi everyone :). I am in need for a banner for my game. It will not be used IN the game but just so I have a banner to make my project thread on another forum look pretty :P. My Request: General Info: My Game is a First Person Shooter genre What I want: The words "D-O-G Tag" inside a simple...
  13. Weegee

    Gmail Connection Problems?

    Lately when I'm on long chats with friends on Gmail I sometimes get disconnected from it. I have noticed that this happens on both of my PC's in my house. It doesn't happen to my friends so I'm guessing it must be me. Are there any current reports of this from other people? And does anyone know...
  14. Weegee

    Omg I just noticed this xD

    Can I have an 'e' added to the end of my name? Weege makes no sense without the extra 'e' :D Thank you for your time :P
  15. Weegee

    Good sound effect tutorials?

    Anyone know where I could find good sound effect tutorials? I want to learn how to make sound effects for my game. +rep for links ;) If you need anymore info let me know
  16. Weegee

    Good Graphics Card?

    Whats the best Graphics Card I can get for around $100 here in the USA (I'm in California) The computer That I want to get a new graphics card for has the trial version of the Windows 7 OS. Currently I am Unsure About the other info but I will update once I find out. Really All I need is a...
  17. Weegee

    Sniper Scope + Words?

    I was wondering if someone could make a Sniper Scope That is zoomed onto the words TGC Here is some information: Style: Futuristic Dimensions: Doesn't matter. Which ever gives you the most comfort when making this and the best quality when shrunken down to Youtube Avatar size. Scope Shape...
  18. Weegee

    Question : How to cut a piece off of one image and add it to a different one

    The title basically says it all. I want to take the head of weegee and put it on a different picture. I am using Paint (yay!) My current avi is the one im going to use to edit another picture. The link is what a weegee is (because not everyone knows about him :P)
  19. Weegee

    Making your Avi Animated?

    My current weege avi is a GIF file. Shouldn't it be animated ATM?
  20. Weegee

    The National Fail

    Probably the worst National Anthem ever