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  1. tommerbob

    New Computer - Best prices?

    I'm shopping around for a new desktop. I have about $1000 to spend, I'm considering this: with upgrading the gpu to Radeon R9 270x, adding a 120g Samsung Evo SSD, and a couple other minor upgrades, the total would be about my...
  2. tommerbob

    New script errors with patch 1.5

    After the new patch, my map script is generating a long list of errors, all of which occur from two lines of code: and When I test my map, everything seems to be working just fine, so why am I getting these errors? FYI, I am using one custom Library: BossBars+, but everything is working...
  3. tommerbob

    Table by Bribe error

    I originally posted this in the general WE Help section, but this spot is probably a lot better. After a long absence, I decided to open up my map again. I had zero errors when I last worked on it and saved it in February. When I opened it up a couple days ago, without changing a single...
  4. tommerbob

    Table by Bribe giving errors

    After a long absence, I decided to open up my map again. I had zero errors when I last saved it several months ago. Without changing a single thing, I save it, and get a syntax error from Bribe's Table, for this line: //! runtextmacro optional TABLE_BC_METHODS() It gives me this error...
  5. tommerbob


    I apologize for the generic thread title. Here's my problem: I downloaded the Minecraft client to install the game. I then downloaded and installed Java to make sure I had the updated version. Afterwards, I restarted my computer. When Windows loaded again, I got several alerts from Spybot...
  6. tommerbob

    Diablo 3 Open Beta weekend!

    Starting tomorrow (today) Friday 12:01 PM PST through Monday 10:00 AM PST, Diablo 3's beta will be open for a stress test. Hurry over and Download the beta client! I have a feeling I will lose some considerable sleep this weekend. :D Original Blizzard Post.
  7. tommerbob

    Google Chrome not working correctly - getting a black screen

    Problem: Every once in a while, Chrome will go black, as if it can't display the webpage at all. This happens on various websites, it has happened on YouTube, TurboTax, among others. It started happening a couple of weeks ago, just out of the blue. As far as I know, I did not make any...
  8. tommerbob

    Laptop Memory compatibilty

    I am considering buying a new laptop, but if I get it, I want to upgrade the ram. The ram it currently has is 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM (4gb 1066), so my question is, will this ram work with it?
  9. tommerbob

    PC Minecraft: To Buy or not to buy?

    Aloha Helpers, I'm looking for some input on whether I should buy Minecraft. I've heard and read some about it, and with me being an avid lego fan growing up, this game looks really intriguing. Here's what I know: - You build. - At night, you survive. - You can discover countless...
  10. tommerbob

    Beta Patch 10

    The 10th beta patch came out today, with several significant changes: Beta Patch 10 notes Jay Wilson discusses the changes in depth, you can find his commentary here. Enjoy! :)
  11. tommerbob

    Which unit?

    I've got a spell that when a unit comes within 50 of a trap, the unit is ensnared, and the trap is removed from the game. Code: private struct Trap extends array //! runtextmacro AIDS() private trigger t private triggeraction ta private static method Act takes...
  12. tommerbob

    Items and Inventories.

    1. My goal: Heroes can carry only 1 of each item class/type. They can carry only 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 helm, 1 ring....etc. I've seen rpg maps where they've done this. I'm trying to achieve something like Ace's Item Restrictions, but I want a vJass system that is efficient and can handle...
  13. tommerbob

    Awesome writeup on Diablo 3

    I just found this write-up on Diablo 3 from a couple weeks ago. Its in-depth, and awesome. It brought back much of the anticipation I've lost in all of these delays. Here it is, enjoy! Character Customization Explained
  14. tommerbob

    Buy or build a new computer?

    I'm looking to get a new computer in the next few weeks. I'm still using a 2 year old Acer laptop, it has served me well, but I've outgrown it. I'll use it mostly for gaming, such as Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, SW:ToR, etc. And other general computer stuff. My budget is probably between 600-900...
  15. tommerbob

    Backstabbing code!

    Hello helpers. :) Its been a while. I'm using a simple function to detect whether a unit is behind another unit: function Backstab takes unit attacker, unit target returns boolean local real casterfacing = GetUnitFacing(attacker) local real targetfacing = GetUnitFacing(target)...
  16. tommerbob

    New Cinematic Released! :)

    Check out the brand new Cinematic. :D Click me!
  17. tommerbob

    User Interface Edits

    Is it possible to reduce the size of the UI? I'm running on a 26 inch monitor, and I don't like buttons being 2 inches long... :P
  18. tommerbob

    New Beta Patch

    A fairly large beta patch went live a couple of days ago. Lots of changes to items, monsters, and class skills. You can find the full patch notes here. Probably the most significant change is that Witch Doctor's and Wizard's spell damage is now based on Weapon Damage like all other classes...
  19. tommerbob

    [Discussion] Item Stats

    I'm developing my item system for an RPG, I have 3 "tiers" of items: Basic, Enchanted and Legendary. I have several hero classes, but I don't want them all just using the same items. It doesn't make sense for a ranged class to use a sword as their main weapon, so I'm trying to figure out how...
  20. tommerbob

    Beta is now Live!

    Family Beta is now Live! The Friends & Family Beta is now live. There are many people receiving beta keys and are now streaming live video! A link with some info: And a live stream video...