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  1. keychup

    Fire Lowers Armor

    EDIT: Problem Solved (Removed the conditions when modifying levels. These conditions were used on a previous calculation method) Effect Desired: When a unit takes damage from fired-based spells it applies the BURN status for up to 5 seconds. While under a BURN, the unit's armor is decreased by...
  2. keychup

    Trigger Evaluation

    So I came up with this system a long time ago. Id like to know what you think and spot any drawbacks. The trigger basically runs periodic events so that i won't have to create multiple triggers using the [Time - Every X seconds] event Id also like to know if it is necessary and if it...
  3. keychup

    Dummy Missiles

    I am using dummy units as missiles so that in case another unit fires a missile it will be possible to deflect it. Now I have an ability which fires 16 missiles at once. On my current method I add all missiles to a unit group the moment they are created then i move them along their...
  4. keychup

    Help me make Divine Hammer

    Divine Hammer deals damage to units in a small area in front of the caster. Currently this ability is set to deal 20*LevelOfAbilityBeingCast. I want to be able to deal damage based on the unit's Attack Damage Currently I am trying to solve this by enabling Attack -2 and disabling Attack - 1 and...
  5. keychup

    Help me with an animation

    I need to find a way to loop a unit's walk animation. however the full animation doesn't get executed. the only reason i could come up with is that the unit's stand animation interrupts the walk animation.
  6. keychup

    Request for model

    I need a red version of the Aura Buff: Abilities\Spells\Other\GeneralAuraTarget\GeneralAuraTarget.mdl You know, the buff which you see on a unit when they are under the effect of an aura.
  7. keychup

    Help me make a special effect

    How do I make a special effect visible only to the allies of the caster and not to the enemies?
  8. keychup

    Help me make a Death Knight

    Primary Attribute: Strength Attack Range: Melee Theme: Reversal Abilities: Death Coil: Deals damage to a unit from a distance equal to 1.50/2.00/2.50/3.00 times your Wisdom ???: Frost Fever: Attacks with a cold blade that reduces your enemy's attack speed and movement speed by 13/17/21/25%...
  9. keychup

    Help me make a Shadow Hunter

    Base Hero: Shadow Hunter Primary Attribute: Strength Theme: Ninja Range: 600 Current Set: 1: Shackles - Pulls a target unit over 500 spaces and deals damage based on Intelligence 2: Hex - Turns units within a 200 space Area of Effect in front of you into frogs 3: ??? 4: Shadow Sneak - Turns...
  10. keychup

    Refer me to a model

    I need a blue model for an ability called LIGHT SCREEN. Light Screen creates a barrier surrounding a point preventing units from walking in or out.
  11. keychup

    Evaluate my spell: Sight

    This is a passive aura ability. This ability reduces enemy movement speed by 10% (AoE: 600/800/1000/1200) If enemy units under this aura fall below 33.33% HP you will have sight of them, and if invisible they will be revealed. Here's how i made the spell: -Every second I set a unit group...
  12. keychup

    Help me make a Far Seer

    Skills should be based on ranged assault and scouting. Gimme yer best shot.
  13. keychup

    Cooldown Detector

    Currently this is how i detect cooldown: Upon casting a spell a 'real' variable is set to the length of the cooldown then saved to a hashtable. Every 0.25 seconds i run a trigger which subracts this value by 0.25 until it is less than or equal to 0. Needs evaluation
  14. keychup

    Detecting previous ability

    I need to detect the previous ability used by a unit. 1. Hashtables wont allow me to store Abilities 2. I could try using an ability variable with array Question is whether an array can exceed a size of 8192
  15. keychup

    My Editor crashes when I try to save ability handles in a hashtable

    whats jass for saving ability handles
  16. keychup

    Art of Battle

    I've been working on this one for a while and it has gone through remakes many times. However I seem to be getting closer to a consistent style. The goal is somewhat becoming clearer to me. How to play: The game is played by 2 to 12 players divided into 2 teams. Each player chooses an officer...
  17. keychup

    What makes this trigger jerky.

    Effect: When A unit casts this spell a buff will be placed on him and he will turn red. when the buff is removed his color turns back to normal over 1 second. While Buff is placed on him his atkspd and movspd are doubled and blocks incoming damage by ½ Trigger 1: This marks the unit to be...
  18. keychup

    Want some hero ideas?

    Hey there. I'm just making up some heroes for a map I'm working on. If you need some ideas or if you think you can help me balance out the heroes i already have then welcome. For others, well, hi. If you need an ability with a specific effect, scroll down the list and see if any of my heroes...
  19. keychup

    Abilities in command card from item

    Effect: A hero can obtain abilities by buying these tomes called "Books of Arts". When it picks up the tome it is put into their inventory in off mode. When it is turned on the ability will be available for use in the command card. You can upgrade the ability up to the 5 levels by talking to the...
  20. keychup

    Model Request (Water)

    I need a special effect similar to a water spout, where the water pumps out of the ground. If it's possible I'd like it to have a "sprite, first" attachment point so that it hurls the enemy into the air, like impale, or better yet like cyclone and tornado.