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    Tutorial GUI Let's Break It Down.

    Okay so today I'm going to explain the basics of GUI. This tutorial is very basic and if you know what events actions and conditions are then this is not the tutorial for you. I know lots of people out there won't need this tutorial but when I started out boy was I confused, so lets hope this...
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    A few icon requests

    I need a few cool icons of: Demon hunter, blademaster, captain , a knight, i know they all ready have their own icons but i figured it'd be cooler if they had diff ones. So try to make them still look like the model but some how changed maybe a gold border and something else. Or maybe a red...
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    GUI The Common Language Of Warcraft

    Intro: I know not alot of people will need a tutorial like this, cause most of you know but this is to help those people out there who want to make maps but cannot due to their lack in knowledge. Because i know when i started out i was way way way confused. So let's hope this helps. Hmmm Lets...
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    I wonder....

    how can you make a special effect in an area and damage any units within the region where the special effect has occured. For example 20 frost novas in different regions and if u happen to be there it would hurt u 200 damge how would u do that
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    Not A Question But More Of A Tip

    well here is an easy way to keep 60% or more of map hackers away from your map. You change the filename! Your map may be called Super Fighters, but the filename does not have to be Super Fighters it could be Twinkle. You remember that so when you want to edit you look for twinkle. But when they...
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    WIP Startin New Project Looking For Help

    Hi I'm making a new map and it is skill based. I expect it to take a long time and I know it will be impossible for me to do it alone. So I'm Looking For... (1) Or 2 really good Terrainers (2) Experienced And Skilled Gui Triggerer And 1 Experienced JASSER (Must Be Familiar With...