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  1. MerrillPhish

    Invisible Building Hey guys. I am trying to make an invisible barracks that I can place underneath a visible barracks. Above is a link to a thread of what I am trying to do. Currently I have a barracks. I set the unit's Actor Model to "None" and now I...
  2. MerrillPhish

    Removing Doodads with Triggers?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to remove a doodad (w/ footprint) using triggers. I can get rid of the actor model with: Actor - Kill actor model (Actor for Foliage - Xil - [39.50, 139.50]) but how do I get rid of the foot print? Thanks
  3. MerrillPhish

    Change Unit's Armor Icon?

    This is a noob question but how do you change a unit's armor icon from the date editor? I can change the "Armor Text"....
  4. MerrillPhish

    Lobby Player Slots Help

    I have a 3v3 map and I am having issues with player slots and the game lobby. It puts players in different player slots than indicated on the lobby and loading screen. Here are my map settings Under player properties I have player 1-6 with the control slot set to User. Under Game Variants I...
  5. MerrillPhish

    Queue 5 Ability on Neutral Buildings

    I was wondering if this is possible... I have a Barracks that is Neutral Player with Shop Share Ability that trains units. Is there anyway to have it show the Queue 5 Ability and have the queue show up in barracks interface? and work for all players using barracks simultaneously? The Queue...
  6. MerrillPhish

    Data Editor - Auto Turret (Raven) Building Problems

    Hey guys! I am kinda new to the Starcraft 2 Editor but have a lot experience with Wc3 Editor. I can do most things that I need to do with the Data Editor and starting to understand it better. I am just having problems with 2 things centered around the Auto Turret (Raven) Unit. I have a SCV...
  7. MerrillPhish

    Lordaeron Castle Defense

    Lordaeron Castle Defense Thread Link Description Lordaeron Castle Defense is a survival game that burrows gameplay elements from Fortress Survival, Castle Defense and WoW Boss Fights. The setting of the map is in the ruins of Lordaeron right before Lady Sylvanas launches her assault on the...
  8. MerrillPhish

    Ability Being Cast Event and Condition Trouble

    I have triggers and they use the condition (Ability being cast) Equal to Vampric Aura (DH Dummy) I have used both Events Unit - A unit Finishes casting an ability Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability And it will run some random similar trigger. All of these spells are part of a...
  9. MerrillPhish

    Hero 5 Limit Ability Cap

    I want to have a hero ability system were a hero has 8 spells to choose from but only gets to use 4. My plan was to give a hero 8 abilities then when they learn a spell I remove a spell with triggers. I just found out you can only give heroes 5 abilities and it doesn't look pretty... Is...
  10. MerrillPhish

    All Units Owned By Player are Dead Condition Problem

    Player Dies Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Number of units in (Units in (Playable map area) owned by (Owner of (Dying unit)))) Less than or equal to 0 Actions Leaderboard - Change the label for (Owner of (Dying unit)) in (Last created leaderboard)...
  11. MerrillPhish

    How do I make it so that computer units will not cast abilities?

    I have a computer unit that has an ability called "Summon Felhounds" I only want the unit to use the ability when I tell it to with triggers. Currently the computer unit casts it every time it comes off cooldown. How do I make it so that the computer will not cast abilities? Thanks
  12. MerrillPhish

    [Heal Spell] Can one target receive multiple Heals?

    I want to make heal so the 2 different priests can heal the same target. Right now by default a target is only allowed to have one heal at a time. Is there anyway to modify heal in object editor so that a target can receive multiple heals at the same time? Kinda like how a building can...
  13. MerrillPhish

    Lordaeron Defense [Need Tester and Balancers]

    Hello everyone! Lordaeron Defense is a combination of some of my favorite WC3 maps which are Fortress Survival and the old Castle Defenses. There are 5 unique races that must defend Lordaeron from Lady Sylvanas. You can play as Human, Blood Elf, Night Elf, Druid or Demon Hunter. Build an...
  14. MerrillPhish

    Stupid Attackers

    I am ordering units to attack a point. If the path to this point is blocked by a building then the attackers will run around in circles. If the path is blocked by units then the attackers will attack the units like they should. How do i get the buildings to not make the attackers act like...
  15. MerrillPhish

    Spell Levels on Non hero abilities

    Anyone know how the levels work on non hero abilities? I want a heal with 3 ranks. There is only one tech requirement field? Do I just need one upgrade with 2 ranks? Thank you +rep
  16. MerrillPhish

    Upgrade to error

    I have lumber generating unit. Trains a unit, kills unit, grants one lumber then orders building to train more lumber. After the trigger runs I can no longer upgrade my lumber mill to lvl 2. It only seems to happen after this action Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to...
  17. MerrillPhish

    Hero Tech Tree issues

    This is what I want: My Race the Blood Elves has 2 Trainable Heroes 3 Hall Tiers The first hero is free 2nd hero requires a Hall Tier 3 Limit Heroes to 1 per Hero-type Problem: *I can get the first hero free. *Limit Heroes to 1 per Hero-type does not work with this action vvvv...
  18. MerrillPhish

    How are custom maps hosted?

    I know how to host a custom map...haha But how are those maps always being hosted? Bots? Do you submit maps to And they will host them for you if they are popular? How does that work?
  19. MerrillPhish

    Controlling tank turret rotation?

    Does anyone know how to control the turret of a tank with triggers? Thank you +rep
  20. MerrillPhish

    Building Buildability

    I want a building to be build able on any tile set. I took off the Pathing requirements and now I can build on the side of walls etc etc which I do not want All I want is to be able to build normally but on any tile set What should I do? Thank you