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  1. Vylatin

    Simple Icon Request ^-^

    Hey guys! I'm looking for someone to to create a fire-red version of the Dispel Magic icon. I really need it for my map :) +Rep and credit
  2. Vylatin

    Share Unit control

    Is there a way to share control of one single unit with a team? There are 12 player spots - 2 computers, 10 players. Each computer is the Camp of each team. Like in an AoS. I want Computer 1 to share control of one building with Team 1. -||- Computer 2 -|| - Team 2 See what I mean? :>...
  3. Vylatin

    How to create a unit infront of the caster by triggers

    The title says it all :) +rep will rain!
  4. Vylatin

    How to set hit point regeneration to (-XX)

    If we for example take a look at the Phoenix's hp regeneration, it says; -25.00 How to do that? Cause when I try, it refuses to go below 0. +rep!
  5. Vylatin

    WIP The Oath [AOS]

    Goal: The Oath is an AOS, and the main goal is to destroy the enemy main building, by pushing creeps to the enemy base. - 4vs4 - 2 lanes - 2 Teams: The Oracle (murlocks) and Frenzyheart Tribe (gnolls) Progress: Terrain: 100% Game Triggers: 70% Heroes: 9% Items: 6% Overall: 185/400...
  6. Vylatin

    Trigger check

    I'm not very good with timers, so I want you to check I did everything right with these triggers below :) This revive system is supposed to revive all dead heroes every 90 seconds of game time. Start Timer Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Conditions Actions...
  7. Vylatin

    Crushing Wave help

    When you change the projectile of ability; "crushing wave" to maybe a arrow, it looks fucked up as the arrow follows the ground. Is there a solution to this?
  8. Vylatin

    Armor Question

    Hey Do armor reduce damage taken from spells aswell?
  9. Vylatin

    Need help with item trigger

    Hey :) Could anyone show me how to through GUI triggers; check if unit has 2 items of artifact/powerup/miscellaneous class? My trigger below failed, probably cus the hero already got the item when it runs. Thats why I need help. Or do you got a better solution? Any help is great! +rep Pick...
  10. Vylatin

    Warcraft 3 background changer

    I used to have a program which changed the wc3 background. I think it was called Shapeshifter -> worked excellent. Now I'm trying to find it on the net again. But so far its not going very well. So maybe someone here can help me? <3
  11. Vylatin

    [Request] - Recolor Wisp Icon

    Could someone please recolor the wisp icon so it looks red instead of green? It would really fit my map! :rolleyes: Thx in advance and +rep to the helper!
  12. Vylatin

    Poll Lanes! (2)

    I wonder this cause I can have 3 lanes in my map. But 3 lanes will limit the combat a bit as my map isn't very large. The lanes are then kinda close to each other. So I thought like, hey! If I get rid of the middle lane, players will have more space for open combat. Sry for my english! :D
  13. Vylatin

    Poll lanes!

    Sorry, I did this poll thingy wrong. xD
  14. Vylatin

    How do I create poll?

    Yeah... :)
  15. Vylatin

    DotA tree model!

    I suppose you guys played DotA... Do you know where I can find The Sentinel's main building model (tree with lanterns and stuff)? Or can't it be found on the net? Thanks... :)
  16. Vylatin

    Save / Load code question

    I heard about this save / load code that is used in many ORPGs. It is good, but the code is far too long and you can't copy it directly (ctrl+c). Is there a save / load system that creates shorter codes?
  17. Vylatin

    When changing size

    Hey :) I have two questions for ya 1. When you change the scale for example a building, units still seems to handle it like it had normal size. When they maybe shall go around a building, they walk through the texture. You know what I mean? How do I configure this? 2...
  18. Vylatin

    Terrain review!

    Some of you maybe remember my Terrain Review posts! :D I'm back now after lots of practice, and I want to hear what you think about this terrain. The map type is AoS! Rate it! *1-10*
  19. Vylatin

    What tile do you prefer?

    Cobble Path (unbuildable) or Stone Path (unbuildable) What one would you prefer having in a big "magic" forest? ^^
  20. Vylatin

    Arena Ent Arena