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    Stats Modification

    Yeah but I tried this UnitDamageTarget(some data here) but that code isn't recognized or doesn't function properly :( Edit: FIXED it! Realized I should have modified that UnitDamageTarget(fixed some data here) function so it is recognized on the code. Thanks +rep :D
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    Stats Modification

    This trigger here works perfectly when my hero kills a hero by normal attacks or basic spells. Just wondering, would this work properly when damage is dealt by TRIGGER and kills the target hero? Thanks :) scope Spell globals private constant integer SPELLID = 'A00' endglobals...
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    Armor Reduction

    Hi, what skill or what procedure would reduce a unit's armor by some X points for Y seconds WITHOUT applying a buff on it? Thanks. :)
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    Dummy Leak

    Oh I see. But I fixed it already, the timer thingy seemed to have a problem. But Ill check that one too. :) Thanks btw.
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    Dummy Leak

    Hey I have some spell here. What it does is it fires an arcing axe missile to a point then when it lands, it explodes dealing damage and some slow stuff. My problem is when I fire this spell consecutively, the other missiles are stuck in the air and when I launch another one, the entire trigger...
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    Detect Units In Range

    Hey I've been wondering how to create the trigger where a dummy unit is created then by timers , periodically checks (using GroupEnumUnitsInRange function) units around the dummy then damages them by a certain amount. This check will not end until the dummy unit is dead. (let's say dummy unit...
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    Incinerate Ability

    Hey I just want to know how to add special effects when a unit dies under the Incinerate (ANic) ability . Thanks :D
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    Hey, anyone who can show me a simple JASS trigger on how to create an ubersplat (Thunder Clap Effect)? Thanks for responses :)
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    Need Help

    Can you find out what's wrong with my trigger ? I'm using Vexorian's CS. All this trigger does when I cast the spell is show a message "cast". The other codes won't work. Please help. Thanks. function Trig_SpellSurge_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() ==...
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    Detecting Orders

    The ability I am making is a phase-shift spell based on Faerie Dragon's Phase Shift but not auto-cast. When I use the phase shift ability, add Invulnerable ability ('Avul') to it, then wait .75+(.5 x level of ability) if the unit has no action. But if the unit moves, casts or attacks a unit...
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    Detecting Orders

    How do I detect (in JASS) if unit moves, casts a spell or attacks a unit? For example, when a unit starts the effect of an ability, add another ability to it. Then, when unit moves, casts a spell or attacks a unit, the ability added will be removed. How will I do that?
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    Simple Ability Help

    I finished making the ability though, thanks a lot for your advices.. here's the code I made: function Trig_Flash_Warp_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A01H' endfunction function Trig_Flash_Warp_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local unit...
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    Simple Ability Help

    I know how to do this ability in GUI, but what I want is to make it MUI (multi unit instanceable) and also learn basic spell making in JASS so I could remove leaks.
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    Simple Ability Help

    I just want to learn a basic triggered spell (JASS). My base ability is blink, and what I want is that when my unit casts this spell, enemy units within 275 range of the target point will miss on their attacks by 50% (based on Curse ability). I want to know how this will be coded. First, create...
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    Morphing ability help

    I have a hero with a berserk ability that increases its attack speed and takes more damage. My caster unit is a Grunt model and I want it to be changed to Fel Orc Grunt model when I use the "berserk ability" just like Sven's God's Strength in DotA.. I tried Chemical Rage but attack speed doesn't...