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  1. Blood_Wraith

    Rejuvenation That Heals % Per Second

    I need an ability to act like Rejuvenation but restore a % of the Unit's HP per second instead of a set number. Is there ability like that, or do I have to use a trigger?
  2. Blood_Wraith

    Need Help With: Custom Stat Triggers

    I want the stats to work like this: Note: I'm trying to make the max unit attack damage 9999. As well as Max HP will be 9999 for the Heroes controlled by the players (not every unit) IE: Unit's Base Damage is Greater than 9999, set (Triggering Unit's) Base Damage to 9999. Same with Max HP...
  3. Blood_Wraith

    Need Help With: Adding Charges To Item - Class of Item

    I need to know how you add a number of charges to an item with a certain class-type, IE:Unit kills a certain unit, the game sets ALL items of purchasable class-type in the hero's inventory to (Their Current Charges + 2). I'm fairly sure if I can even get the entire trigger right, it will...
  4. Blood_Wraith

    Need Help With Ability Activate/Use Strings

    I'm trying to make it so if you have two of a similar ability, IE a weak version of Chain Lightning and a stronger version of Chain Lightning, it uses the appropriate one that you click. But instead of doing that, it uses the last-most ability instead of the clicked one (IE I use weak chain...
  5. Blood_Wraith

    Need Help With Setting Unit Damage

    I was wondering how you set a unit's damage, I couldn't find any obvious trigger actions for that, so I'm fairly lost here. I need to know how to set a units damage to something like this: Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability (Ability being cast) Equal to Summon Chocobo Unit -...
  6. Blood_Wraith

    Need help with dynamic spells

    I was wondering how you would make a spell dynamic, as in making it deal (Number of Hero level) + (Hero Intelligence) X 6 + 110. So if my Hero was level 50, and had 75 Intelligence, it would do 860 damage with the ability. I need this to work for healing spells as well, if that's any different...