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    Return to Form?

    Wow, if this doesn't bring back memories haha. It's been a long time, I see I still have the highest Warcraft 3 related post with almost 700k views haha. Those were the days. Haven't played much of Warcraft anymore, but I would definitely contribute with some newer interests. The site looks...
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    Patch 3.2 -- Severe UI Graphics Problems!

    ya... so I actually have the most updated video driver right now that I can get. it went as far as calling the Toshiba tech support to check for a update for the video driver. They have not come out with the update yet... so 3.2 made my computer unable to play World of Warcraft until...
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    Patch 3.2 -- Severe UI Graphics Problems!

    PLEASE HELP Similar to the UI problem under Display issues described here: World of Warcraft becomes unplayable due to the graphical errors of the UI when playing the game. Me and a friend are having the same issue on...
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    WoW Refuses to Log into the Game Server.

    Ok, so I know triple posting is heresy.. but I found the solution to this, so this problem is closed. And anyone who wants can now find it here in the future. SOLUTION: Re-forward your Firewall Ports. To do this, access your firewall port screen for your gaming. Then uncheck the...
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    WoW Refuses to Log into the Game Server.

    I know it has not been long enough for me to post again, but after posting the same thread on the WoW Tech Support Forums, I don't think this is going to go anywhere soon. Apparently reinstalling and WoW Tech support doesn't help and many people are having the same problem. Right now there...
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    WoW Refuses to Log into the Game Server.

    SOLVED: WoW Refuses to Log into the Game Server. Game: World of Warcraft: The Frozen Throne (Up to Date) Problem: For the past 40 hours or so, I can log into World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King successfully, but when it gets to the point where it says "Success!" and/or "Logging into...
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    yes, as long as you have an authentic WC3 TFT CD Key with you. Go to HERE and then either make an account or log in. Then register your game by inputting your CD key, it should show up and allow you to install the full game without an actual CD.
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    Post Your WoW Character with the new WoWhead Profiler!

    A new profile viewer on has been implemented recently and looks like a very in depth and efficient way to share your World of Warcraft Character. I know there are similar threads to post your character on, but with this, no screenshots are required because the profiler...
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    The Helper Flash Game Index

    Fat Cat So I apologize if this has been previously posted, but I found this game pretty amusing and quite difficult towards the later levels. Username: 1)ark_Knight Game Name: Fat Cat URL: Genre (That you think it is...): Shooter Description...
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    Funny/Cool WoW Guild Names

    <Lick your Crit> <I Crit In My Pants> <Howztheweather> (on a gnome) <multishoturmom>
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    Noblegarden Assistance! Please Help!

    alright, nevermind.. On my way to learn Elemental Leatherworking in Arathi I just so happened to come across a female dwarf grinding, so I now have the title and achievement completed. So... yep.. thank god for random dumb luck :P
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    Noblegarden Assistance! Please Help!

    OK, so I've been working on the Noblegarden (Easter-like event) Achievements in WoW for the past day and a half and I have everything completed except for one very annoying part of the achievement [Shake Your Bunny-Maker]. I am a Blood Elf Rogue and I do not have the WOTLK expansion yet and I...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas

    - - Updated The List - -
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas

    ok, well It just kinda sounded like you were against the whole idea of it and ignoring the reason of the thread. Sorry about that, heh... I'm actually playing WaW right now..
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas

    I have already looked into this. If you guys want to bash the game or the idea of a sequel, search it first please. It will be either Call of Duty 6 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Like I said it is a working title. The old era warfare was just in World at War and is considered to be the...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas It's a working title and may be called COD6. It's coming out on multiple platforms and has a generally set release date. I figured someone, especially like you two would Google it quick, there is quite a bit of confirmation around it. That...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas

    So, I haven't made a thread for quite a while but this is something that has seamed to peak my interest. I am a big fan of the COD series and I found out that a sequel to COD4: Modern Warfare is scheduled for release in Fall of 2009. So, that being said I was wondering what some of you think...
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    All the Hell vs Heaven Combinations

    Hmmm... wow.. I haven't been on this site in quite a while.. but I just wanted to check something and I found this kind of funny.. When typing in "Hell vs Heaven" in Google, this and my guide are the very 1st links to pop up. Now more amazing.. is that when you reverse the Hell and Heaven...
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    The Complete Hell vs Heaven Guide!

    OK first off... this thread should be closed or somehow monitored for spam. There's too many people who create accounts to post one comment that informs everyone they clearly did not fully read the first post or the guide. The version of Hell vs. Heaven used to create this list is from...
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    WOTLK Hunters are Bomb.

    I think the Exotic pets should be more powerful than the normal pets. I mean if you build up the beast mastery tree up to the Exotic Pet Talent you should get something good out of it right? Compared to the other 60 talents coming in WOTLK just the ability to get new pet "models" without any...