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    Help with the Editor

    Hello, I am here requesting help involving the editor, whenever I go to create a spell, it seems overly complicated and there is too many data categories. Attached will be some pictures. I am just trying to make a simple spell! I am wondering if I accidentally set it to a different mode, or is...
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    Firebolt Ability

    Is the Hero Firebolt ability an Expansion only ability? I'm trying to make a map without using the Expansion and I was wondering if it was.
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    Is there a problem with triggers on macs?

    I have been trying to use triggers but whenever i do, it automatically quits. Everything else works fine; AI editor, Regions, Object editor and everything other than Trigger editor. I have 1.26 for Warcraft and is that part of it? Help!
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    Mac issues

    I have just got Warcraft 3 again for Christmas and I went to the editor. I started working but when I tried using triggers it just quit unexpectedly. Any help?:confused: