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  1. Glivee

    Snigelfis Art Gallery

    Hello! Ill start with this one and will continue posting as the are done! GF as Night Elf! :)
  2. Glivee

    Picture of GF :)

    Drew one of my favorite pictures of my GF with an incball pen ( scary as hell ). :) ~Glivee
  3. Glivee

    Some WIP - Now i need the body:D

    Hello all! Long time no see i must admit. Was sketching on this in class today and tried to color it using curves in Photoshop ( i dont know anything about PS :D ) Just let me know your thoughts. All comments are welcome:P ~Snigelfis :)
  4. Glivee

    Glivee's Random Illustrations

    Here are some random made illustrations using my pen and some immagination. Some are requests from friends, some are just made up! Enjoy~ This first one is made for a friend. He wanted to have the Tier 1 Rogue Shoulders equipped ;) I know it says Tier 2! This is just a random...
  5. Glivee

    3D Person Camera question.

    I have recently bought Starcraft II and havn't really opened the World Editor at all. But i was just wondering if someone come across a map with 3D Person Camera that does not collide with terrain and objects? Like in this example down here: So: I want the camera to not go through walls...
  6. Glivee

    DOTT - If you have not played it, you wont die Happy.

    Of course im talking about our Lucas Arts classic game Day of the Tentacle. Any more than me that did play this in their youth, or even still play it now and then? I just have to say i enjoyed every part of it while i had it in my posession.
  7. Glivee

    Warcraft: The Movie

    Have you heard anything new about this film? Im so looking forward to see it. Ill probably get stuck in the cinema for like 2 years after this one comes out ;) Want more info about this? I dont think Blizzard has said too much about it but there is some in the Press-Section on...
  8. Glivee

    My Brute!

    Hi all! Register a username online and start fighting eachother:p Jivee is my char and i get exp if i can recruit ppl. See you in there :)
  9. Glivee

    Glivee's picture-thread. Ill take requests ;)

    Hi all! Ive recieved some positive feedback on some of my drawings so i thought why not collect em all here. And if you have any requests feel free to say so and ill draw it for you ;) /Glivee Newest Picture's Im gonna add the newest pictures and here are 2 of them! The Lich...
  10. Glivee

    Keyboard Malfunction Ctrl + PgDwn/Up not working

    Hi! When using the World Editor and trying to raise/lower things with Ctrl + PgUp/Down it just moves the doodad/whatever across the map in different directions. Whats wrong? +Rep for fast answer :) Tyvm /Glivee
  11. Glivee

    If you were an Animal, what would you be?

    Im just curious since i feel more like a Squirrel than a human :) Would like to know what YOU feel like ;)
  12. Glivee

    Giantology - What's your opinion?

    Hello :) Just want to know your opinion about Giantology - Knowledge of Giant's. I got kinda sucked in after playing Shadow of the Colossus and ofc i had to search the web for a confirmation if the earth actually was inhabited by some sort of giant's long long ago or something. Have not...
  13. Glivee

    Imported Models shown as Shadows In-Game

    Hi! I have imported 2 Tree models from Hive Workshop and they are now in my map. The problem is that those tree's are shown as actuall tree's in the World Editor but NOT when i want to watch them In-Game. There are no variations on these tree's so the variation is set to 1 in the object...
  14. Glivee

    Help using X Y Z Axis on Doodads/Destructibles

    Hi! I have searched the forum with no luck at all and i decided to start this thread. I know there is a way to change the axis of several/all doodads (and Destructibles?) Ive seen this being made before and i really need the help on finding how to. Im making those instance wall's that...
  15. Glivee

    Where to get these Models?

    Are they in the WE or is it a doodad i have to download? Would be glad if someone could link Url to DL. Edit: (The Tree's if someone's wondering) (Those World of Warcraft-looking Barren Tree's)
  16. Glivee

    Legacies: Tides Of The Serpent Clan

    We are about to form a clan for the mightygood game in wc3 called Legacies: TotS. Everyone who wants may join this clan and its generally for RPG lovers and not only the game Legacies. If you are interested post a comment here or join the channel : Legacies in game. You can also add me...