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    Check height of point?

    Hi, noticed in World editor advanced that there an action that checks height of points in real values. and don't mistaken me for cliffheights. So what I want to know is if there's a Jass command that checks heights ? thanks
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    Making Wind Walk targetable

    Possible to throw wind walk on friendly units?
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    Help with ability lagg

    I have a fear ability that is a nova type, Unit comes in range of nova they get feared, simple. But it does lagg first trigger: Intimidate Soul Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Intimidate Soul Actions...
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    Crash! passive ability using damage detect

    It's kinda obvious what this does, but its crashing as soon as the hero is attacking something. Why ? :S Some information about the spell: A passive spell giving a 20% chance to teleport the hero behind the target and damage it with his agility times abilitylevel that he is attacking with...
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    save Current order for a unit how to use it later?

    I need to save orders for later use so my question is how much does this save? Like where a unit was order to walk to or who he was about to attack? And how the heck do you use it later? is there a JASS command to use a order variable? Because with GUI you don't seem to be able to use it...
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    Spawn units at random places but not the same place as another unit.

    As usual I lack the ability to make good headlines. Anyway, I'ts like a minigame and i hate minigames where you always spawn at the same place, so i was gonna do this randomly. And heres what I got unit place Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Conditions Actions...
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    Small project ideas

    I've come to the conclusion that I'm very bored and is currently looking for a small project to do. Nothing major just a small map like Pudgewars or something. So tell me, what would you think would be really fun to play, that doesn't take to much time? What have you always thought: ohh that...
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    Help: Collision problem

    So in my current map I've got a Hero with a resurrect spell that can be used on dead heroes. When a hero dies he usually dissapears. But in my map I've made it so when they die the lay on the ground doing nothing but waiting for ress. But theres a problem however. I want the dead ones not to be...
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    advanced spell with lightning that struggles

    Hey, im trying to create a pentagon thingy with lightningeffects. And when you start moving the spell it changes to a star but i want it to remain a pentagon. A pentagon is a "circle" or a "Square" with 5 edges. Cant figure out what the problem is. and its kinda hard to explain. Ill try post as...
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    Feedback my spells.

    Hey, I've made three custom spell and i enjoy it pretty much, Im not the best though and the code looks horrible ^^ there are probably some leaks. But still please check them and tell me what you think ^^ I'm gonna try get you interested with som screenies. screenshots try em out and tell...
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    Lightning height n stuff, need help

    Im playing around with lightning effects in this spell and i need a code similar to this Lightning - Move Electric[(Integer A)]Check visibility=True to (0.00,0.00,0.00) (0.00,0.00,0.00) this is from WEU and i rather not use it. So could anyone tell me to custom script code for this action...
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    Damage unit close to sliding unit

    Sliding stuff Events Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set casting_point = (Position of casting_unit) Unit Group - Pick every unit in Unit_total and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set real1[(Custom value of...
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    Damage type condition?

    Like title says is there a condition to check damage type? Can't find one.
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    Negative value inte roll angle

    Anyone know why I can't use negative values in: Art - Maximum Pitch Angle (degrees) Art - Maximum Roll Angle (degrees) Allow negative real values is allowed in the preferences window.
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    set string = race of someone

    Hey, Is it possible to Set string = race of (triggering unit) something like this?
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    Explain/find out why this spell lags after a while.

    Hey, I am just building a spell for fun. But it starts to lagg after a while and i don't know why. Help me find the leak or whatever it is. I was thinking it is the unit group but woulnt destroying it cause the spell to malfunction? Spell Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an...
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    Remove point leak array

    Hey, just a quick question: How do i remove a array point variable? Custom script: call RemoveLocation (udg_ABC[Integer_A]) this doesnt work.
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    Loop unit animation.

    Hey, What is the correct animation name/tag for a spawned effect lets say Rebirth i have a dummy unit that has the effect as model but once the animation is done he is kinda invis anyway to play the animation from the beginning?
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    Math problem

    Hey, I have 3 points that makes a triangle, I want a unit to slide from point one to two to three to one with a dynamic speed, The further away the points are the faster he slides. If they are closer, he slides slower. so basicly between every point he should take 2 seconds to reach his target...
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    Load (zepp) possible to limit to one unit?

    As the title says, Is it possible to change the ability so it can only load one unit? Can't find it :/