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  1. Trithilon-V2

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    Hello guys, I have been working on a machinima and I need to script a Camera system to record a lot of clips. The problem is the fact that, It seems the camera Rotation ranges from -180 to 180. My logic to the problem was : Event : Every 0.01 seconds Actions : - Camera - Set Rotation of...
  2. Trithilon-V2

    Need some Information about Attack, Damage and Weapon Types and thier properties.

    Ok....i am working on a damage system and i plan to detect the damage type of the damage. are the facts that i need :- 1:- Difference between Spells Attack and Magic Attack and their effect on hero armor and etheral armor. 2:- Whats the deal with Divine Attack Type? 3:- Are all...
  3. Trithilon-V2

    Looking for a Reliable Attachment system

    Well,its been a week since i moved on to jass.....and i like it. However, it was the first day i found out that jass was useless without the capacity to attach information to handles...then i discovered HandleVars...and i made my first Jass spell. Now recently i came to know that the there are...
  4. Trithilon-V2

    Need Help with my first Jass code (using HandleVars)

    Guyz...I read a few jass and vjass tutorials and a lot of jass scripts and i am starting to get a hang of if. I finally learnt a little bit of jass and made my first jass spell. As you all know Jass is almost the same as gui (apart from functions and locals) without CSCache or HandleVars. Any...
  5. Trithilon-V2

    Moving on into coding...gotta choose between JASS and VJASS

    Guyz...i knew this day would come that i have to start learning Jass. The only reasons is that i have 3 Unreleased systems that could really use functions approach. For eg. my inventory system :- Its uses the changing of pages. But that algorithm is pretty long and complex and is used like...
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    Is there a way tp get more Wifi Bandwidth share?

    Is there a way to get more Wifi Bandwidth share? Ok..guyz i live in a hostel.....and the guy who manages our wifi network is a noob. Now the problem is that the first few months of the hostel...everyone used to get good speeds....after that people started downloading stuff via limewire. Since...
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    How to make a unit transparent for the enemies..not allies?

    I saw this in dota.....mortred used to have transperency control via Animation functions...but now i dont know how they did it...she is transparent for only the enemies? How to do that? (My nearest guess would be something related to camera filter...:confused:)
  8. Trithilon-V2

    Which is the best and the safest way to place buffs?

    Ok...the map i am making will be my first release....and i am not experienced enough to know what common problems people face while placing a buff. I wanted to know whether there is a safe way to add buffs to units without overriding them? I know the aura thing, but it wont blink when the...
  9. Trithilon-V2

    Need Help with Damage System (Mathwork)

    As the title suggests..... I want to have a damage system in my map to be wow-like. I already have a system that detects Physical and Magical Damage. Lemme explain :- There are spell criticals and physical criticals. There will be skills and abilities that increase/decrease these things...
  10. Trithilon-V2

    Need Base models for attachments

    Guyz...i am looking for basic models for my AOS map. I'll be having a lot of items and attachments. So, could you please show me where i will find a good collection... preferably both genders and different races...Obvioulsy i'll give the owner his due credit. Also i would like to know if...
  11. Trithilon-V2

    Blocking/Healing damage for a unit at full health

    I asked this question before...but the solution wasnt practical and MUI. So here is the problem....If a unit is at say 50% health and he takes damage and i heal him in the same event, it will look as if the unit never took damage. However, if the unit is at full health the unit will take damage...
  12. Trithilon-V2

    Help with Custom Script "VersionGet" --- Version Detection

    Ok.... Guys..since there is no Variable for Version, i had to use a handle to denote it... Now i need a custom script code to print the version or at the very least check if the host is using version 1.22a Here is my first try at jass as well... Version Detection Events Map...
  13. Trithilon-V2

    How Do Buff Systems Work? Which is the best?

    As the topic name suggests......One final system i need for me to get entire control over the stuff in my map is "Buffs". After searching some stuff i stumbled upon two systems i.e ABuffSystem and CBuffSystem both hosted on in the systems section. Now i dont understand...
  14. Trithilon-V2

    Quick Question - Detecting units in front

    OK guyz...i am making custom made cleaving attack (i used orb effect buff system to detect physical or magical attack) Now all i need to know is how do i detect units in front of my unit in a semi circular fashion?
  15. Trithilon-V2

    Damage Block issues using triggers.....

    guyz...i was experimenting with a damage block ability and i found out that only the first hit deals damage, the rest can be healed via triggers. How do you block the damage of a hit even if you are on full hp?
  16. Trithilon-V2

    [System][GUI] Extended Inventory System (With Stacking Bonuses)

    [Notice :- I'll be offline for almost a month due to exams,btw i have found put a way to preserve the item cooldowns and i have also discovered a major bug (Read known issues No.3) in the older releases which will be fixed in the next release, hopefully the next release will be MUI and be ready...
  17. Trithilon-V2

    Need help with 2 and 3 Dimentional arrays

    Guyz...i am working on a inventory system in gui. Now i have searched the forum on this but the info i got was quite irrevelent or incomplete or was for jassers. So any one knows of a system that helps you use 1 or more single dimentional arrays as a 2 or 3 dimentional array? I need this to...
  18. Trithilon-V2

    One Quick Question?

    In what way are Combat - Animation Backswing Point and Combat - Animation Damage Point related? I need this to determine the time till an attack was made and the projectile was launched in the case of ranged attackers. Is there an equation to it? i searched the forums...but all i got are...
  19. Trithilon-V2

    Need ideas to make a complex trigger.

    Now most of the guyz on th board are familiar with attack and damage detection systems and their traits.Well i am on the edge of making a successfull one and it is just a few triggers away from reality...... Now let me simplify this for you..... The only limitation in any attack/damage...
  20. Trithilon-V2

    Why are my triggers not working?

    guyz i have been facing this wierd problem since a few days. Randomly,after i save a map, all my triggers become ineffecive due to some unknown reason.Even if they are there , they wont work. Even if i export he trigger data to another map it wont work. The only known solution is copy all...