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  1. Burningicce9

    Looking for a Terrainer for Hero Arena

    I am currently working on a hero arena: Tournament of Champions. General Info This will not be your standard bnet hero (crappy tooltips, tons of blizzard spells, huge imba characters). The heroes will not be extremely powerful either: No 3k damage crits, insta kill ults, or 8000 hp level 3...
  2. Burningicce9

    This is kind of strange.

    I'm trying to import the following ability into my map, tripwire: I am following the the import directions, and it says to copy this jass into the header of my map, but when i try to save with that info in there, it crashes my map. Am I...
  3. Burningicce9

    Help with this trigger?

    I'm currently writing a duel system for my Hero Arena. There are teamed duels every 7 minutes, and I need a way to detect when the duels have ended. This happens when all the Hero-type units left in the duel arena belong to one team. I can't think of a way to write a trigger (GUI, i can't do...
  4. Burningicce9

    Some (hopefully) basic questions

    1) how do i cast a custom unit on ability. I know i can create a dummy and have it cast/use *spell* on the unit, but the only trigger i foudn its Unit - Order (Last created unit) to *standard ability* (Triggering unit). I don't see where i can insert other values, besides the preset ones.