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  1. XxMayhemxX

    Old Units are in game!!!

    This might be an old topic...but i had to give a shout out to the older units in the game... I must admit.. seeing the Medic and Firebat is nice... then seeing the Vulture and Golaith and Wraith and Science Vessel... woohoo Not to mention the Scout. Thats all the old units i can...
  2. XxMayhemxX


    Having a problem with my transmission Transmission - Send transmission to (All players) from (Unit type Medivac (Do Not override portrait)) playing Dialogue_IncomingTransmission with name "Medivac" and message "Marine, we've zeroed in on your lo..." using (Cinematic portrait (Center Left))...
  3. XxMayhemxX

    Where do i find a unit in actions

    in actions im looking for a unit... in particular.. im doing a transmission... but i cant find the units... i can find Units and Unit Group... when i double click on either of those... i cant see units.. just closest, last created, unit triggered I seen an action from a diff trigger.. to...
  4. XxMayhemxX

    Difference between Event and Condition

    For triggers, whats the difference between Events and Conditions? Can i have a Condition and an Action without listing an Event? the event im looking for isnt listed.. thats why i ask... But im almost certain the condition is...
  5. XxMayhemxX

    Kill Unit Trigger

    Question about the Trigger: Kill Unit Lives Counter Events Unit - Any Unit Enters End Local Variables Conditions (Owner of (Triggering unit)) == 15 Actions Unit - Kill (Triggering unit) Variable - Modify Lives: - 1 Leaderboard...
  6. XxMayhemxX

    Upgrades Over Lvl 3

    I found in the editor where to speed up upgrades, but how do I add more upgrades like 255 or whatever... Im going to assume it's here.. Data/Upgrades Then i found Terran Infantry Weapons 3 and right clicked on it and i can either Add Object or Duplicate Object(Duplicate Object is easier if...