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  1. XxMayhemxX

    IMPORTANT! Starcraft 2 causing videos cards to fry

    LOL almost every game made after 2007 i play makes my chip want to burn up. The computer stutters and lag when i play. Happens every 10 minutes or so... the chip clocks itself down automatically to save itself from burning, then after about 2 and a half minutes, it's cooled down again, and i...
  2. XxMayhemxX

    Last? mission in mini protoss campaign

    I agree.. once you start the Protoss missions.. just take a break on your Terran missions, and play through all the Toss stuff.. It's got it's own little story to follow.
  3. XxMayhemxX

    How good is the campaign?

    Campaign is awesome, inbetween missions is cool, u can hire mercs, which you can subsequently buy during missions to help you out.. they are strong hero units basically. No they dont earn abilities like WC3 and there is no items which grant abilities... but thats all in the editor, and ive...
  4. XxMayhemxX

    Old Units are in game!!!

    yeah but once we get the other games, for toss and zerg, they'll prolly have the old units also... I had the beta, and i was dissappointed that there wasn't gols, wraiths, V's etc. then i get the game.. and there they are... awesome... merc units are awesome too finished the campaign...
  5. XxMayhemxX

    Old Units are in game!!!

    This might be an old topic...but i had to give a shout out to the older units in the game... I must admit.. seeing the Medic and Firebat is nice... then seeing the Vulture and Golaith and Wraith and Science Vessel... woohoo Not to mention the Scout. Thats all the old units i can...
  6. XxMayhemxX

    Looking for Mappers to Build Team

    did the team board dissappear on gamercraft? everyone lose interest? just thought i check in.. my bookmark to the team board goes back to the main gamercraft page now...
  7. XxMayhemxX

    A couple of questions

    I think you need to make a model and/or actor that links to the unit. Idk sharing exp... i may have seen a thread or tutorial or something somewhere on this subject.. im pretty sure i did. You see the critter names in there alot.., their models or actors or something, wireframe? thats model...
  8. XxMayhemxX

    Looking for Mappers to Build Team

    i changed my bookmark to the new team board.. ill sign up prolly on saturday.. been busy last 2 days, 2 deaths in the family.. Dad and Grandma on SAME day(Sunday) its been kinda insane... funerals on Wed. and Fri., but Sat i'll have more time online... When im in my room on the computer, im...
  9. XxMayhemxX

    A few questions

    what that map i linked to? the version i have is Maze [esES] v0.4 alfa and it tests fine for me.. i played thru it, but the victory condition didnt work tho.. esES-whats that mean? I get maps that i CAN test, but i CANT save triggers because of errors tho.. I assume those are because...
  10. XxMayhemxX

    Editing the Build Commands

    the key here is using an unused slot.. you used the 8th slot, instead of 1-7 and it worked properly. I did that too, i kinda started over, scrolled down and used the first available slot, instead of editing a used slot. Probably didnt need to redo all the other steps tho...button, unit, etc...
  11. XxMayhemxX

    A few questions

    check out this map.. the camera is locked into one place and follows your character as you move... Each small step, the camera moves 1 small step with you... Your unit is always centered in the center of the screen. Laberinto_alfa Looks like someone liked Labrynthos for SC1, and is trying...
  12. XxMayhemxX

    Editing the Build Commands

    Well i havent done it, but i dont see why u couldnt.. Theoretically, You could use a scv, and protoss warp in an ultra. Those areas in the Abilities section i posted in the previous post are setting up the units build abilities.. Go into Abilities/Probe - Build (Probe) - the Double...
  13. XxMayhemxX

    Editing the Build Commands

    did you make its Ability Type? Abilities/SCV - Build (SCV) - Double click Info + and add new building Abilities/Drone - Morph Unit (Drone -> Zerg Buildings) - Double click Info + and add new building Abilities/Probe - Build (Probe) - Double click Info + and add new building Or if its a...
  14. XxMayhemxX

    Data Editor Questions

    maybe attach it to his head? so its higher? i have no idea..just my guess
  15. XxMayhemxX

    Editing the Build Commands

    should be able to.. i seen some tower D map that had a builder or probe with buildings and men in his build command card...
  16. XxMayhemxX

    Data Editor Changed in Patch 13

    oh so each field is like a dialog almost instead of a line.. a little more explanation for us sort of.. cool
  17. XxMayhemxX

    Horrible censorship...

    that sucks.. i like to use swear words in stories in maps... the characters in them are adults.. not children... a marine isnt a teen... i should be allowed to Oh shit!! the Zerg!!!
  18. XxMayhemxX

    The Fortress - Mar Sara Wasteland

    I found your map here Map Name - Impossible Survival Filename - Fortress.SC2Map The middle part is raised and you start with a CC and scvs and 1000 minerals and 500 gas There is room for bunkers and barracks and other buildings tho u can't gather Vespene so your limited as to what u can...
  19. XxMayhemxX

    Scripting in Galaxy editor? [Question]

    Have you seen this? Custom Script in Galaxy
  20. XxMayhemxX

    Camera movement issue

    i dled a Labyrinthos clone ... the camera follows your unit it in that.. want the link?