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  1. quraji

    "Selection Box" Texture

    Does anyone know the name/path of the texture used for the "selection box"? (I'm referring to the green box that appears when you click the ground and drag your mouse) Thanks!
  2. quraji


    Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've done any drawing or artwork, especially digital. But, a friend and I finally decided to start digitally drawing (and hopefully animating) comics that we've been meaning to since high school when we did them (we have like 7 notebooks full :P). Anyways, I...
  3. quraji

    Funny Screenshot

    Just found this screenshot from a while ago when my warrior was on alliance (he's on horde now). Two friends and I were doing 3s skirms for kicks when my resto shaman friend dc'd before a match. Somehow without being in-game he did a record amount of healing:
  4. quraji

    Poetry A Poem written in Zinc

    I wrote a poem, in Zinc. For the WC3 newbies, that's a coding language for WC3. You probably won't understand if you're not familiar with it or programming. Just read it, ignoring the non-letter characters. function Poetry () { DisplayMessageToPlayers ("This is a Haiku"); }
  5. quraji

    Google Ascii Art

    Google "ascii art" with no quotes, see if you notice anything :P
  6. quraji

    System CommandParser

    CommandParser v1.33 by quraji Requires: -Recent JassHelper (one that compiles Zinc) -Ascii by TheDamien About: CommandParser is an easy to use system that allows you to register functions to a chat command. When a player enters that command, the function will be called and passed an array of...
  7. quraji

    Snippet CWAL - Can't Wait Any Longer

    CWAL - Can't Wait Any Longer Requires: -NewGen with recent JassHelper (that supports vJass/Zinc) This system just allows you to enable instant build, train, upgrade, and research modes for a player. With all four enabled you get a similar effect to the "operation cwal" cheat (or the one...
  8. quraji

    Snippet CameraPanEvent

    CameraPanEvent v1.0 This is a singleplayer ONLY snippet, until I can figure out how to make it work in multiplayer as well (without desynchs). Requirements: -Jass NewGen -Event by Jesus4Lyf What is it? It's an event to detect when a player pans his camera :thup: // CameraPanEvent - by quraji...
  9. quraji

    cJASS defines question

    I've just reread the cJass manual to get started writing some cJass stuff (mostly defines :)) to see how I like it. But, I've been wondering one thing and I can't seem to find it in the manual. Is there a way to check if a preprocessor value has been set, somewhat like the C #ifdef and #ifndef...
  10. quraji

    System HandleGroups

    HandleGroup What is it? This is a library which contains a textmacro. This textmacro allows you to create a new 'group' with any handle you like. Units thought they were special because they were the only ones that got groups. No more! If you want a lightninggroup, so be it. Want a...
  11. quraji

    Snippet MusicTracks

    MusicTracks by quraji The latest in my slew of extremely useful submissions.Humor aside, you might actually use this one :eek: Nah, just kidding. What is it? This is a struct designed to simulate a 'musictrack' type. Create em' and play em'. More info in the code :) Why? Because. Picture...
  12. quraji

    Snippet StringGradient

    After no interest was shown in my submission of other string functions (as I expected :P), I've decided to post this one separately instead of adding it to my previous post (I think people will actually find this one neat). What is it? It's a function that will transform and normal, boring...
  13. quraji

    Snippet More String Functions

    Here are some more string functions I whipped up. I wrote them as separate libraries because it was easier, and now I'm too lazy to repackage it as one library.. Before I add more or repackage this in a better way, I need to see if people are at all interested in these things (who uses strings...
  14. quraji

    Snippet Int2WordString

    What is it? It is a function that will convert any integer (that can exist in WC3) into word form. If that's not clear, I mean that it will convert, say, 10352 in to "Ten Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty-Two". Neat, how do I use it? Just call Int2WordString(n) where n is the integer you wish...
  15. quraji

    Snippet soundchaosdebug

    What is it? Just a snippet that will play a bunch of sounds when you type the command ("soundchaosdebug" by default). It's a command from Diablo 2 which would play all the voices in the game. Why? I don't just popped into my head to make it as I was thinking about Diablo. Is this...
  16. quraji

    Some PvP Combat

    So I recently leveled up a DK to get an 80 on some friends' server. Hit it last monday, and progressing nicely in PvP. I started out in 2v2 arena with my resto Shaman friend, and we proceeded to fail miserably and end the week with a 5-10 record (I forget the rating). My friend couldn't play...
  17. quraji

    Happy Easter (or...)

    I'd like to wish everyone a happy Easter, or, a merry Zombie Jesus Day! A day we celebrate the resurrection (or reanimation) of the late great JC. To commemorate this holy day, my lady friend has used her great artistic skills to depict a vibrant rendition of the very first Easter...
  18. quraji

    Escape From City 17 (Half Life Fan Film)

    This is a really great short film. It's definitely worth a watch for non-HL fans as well. Even Valve was so impressed they put it on the Steam update news (which is where I saw it). So for people who don't have Steam, or don't pay attention to the update news, here it is: q1UPMEmCqZo...
  19. quraji

    Anyone play on Spinebreaker?

    Just wondering if anyone here plays on Spinebreaker, US? Also, a shout out to Meccatorque who tried to gank me and turned into an HK: Better luck next time :D
  20. quraji

    Physics Info?

    I've been peeking around lately for more info on the physics and the engine in general, but I can't find much (other than "debris will fall to the ground and slide down ramps, etc.). Are they implementing a real physics system or just a drop-and-slide-shit-down-ramps system? :P The thought...