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  1. PurgeandFire

    Wiki Down?

    Hey guys--long time no see. :D Someone informed me that a link I had in my signature (to was down. There was some cool info there and some pages that I would often link to. Is it gone permanently? Any way I can get some of the data back?
  2. PurgeandFire

    edo informed me on the hive that links to the wiki return 404 errors. If you check out the wiki main page, it also looks messed up: Will this be fixed/will the pages be restored? If not, then is there a back-up of some of the info? Hopefully the info isn't all gone.
  3. PurgeandFire

    System Libram

    Libram v3.0.0.0: This is a library that creates a "libram", something very similar to a spellbook. It has the same functionality, but was made for convenience for gameplay. A libram is essentially a bunch of pages with abilities on them. Much like an extended inventory system, you can flip...
  4. PurgeandFire

    Auras go away after disabling the ability.

    When using SetPlayerAbilityAvailable and setting it to false, it will remove auras. :( Anyway to keep the aura there, without using spellbooks? If not, I guess I can just use spellbooks, but it adds more work for the users. I'm just curious if there is another way.
  5. PurgeandFire


    Agh, yet again multiboards just seem to fail for me. Well, it is not so much using them as it is what I'm trying to do with them. Anyway, my problem is automatic line breaking. I want it so that once I type too long of a line, it will break to the next row. It is okay because it is a single...
  6. PurgeandFire

    PTR Patch 1.25

    Who would have thunk that they would have one? I'm guessing they are also fixing the preload hack, they probably just don't want to mention it, at least until the patch goes live. Let us hope for hidden patch changes. :D EDIT...
  7. PurgeandFire

    System Combat State

    Combat State It is a quick, awesome library that allows units to enter and leave combat, and allows you to register it. It is based off of Darthfett's library, which is sadly outdated: :( So I decided to make one...
  8. PurgeandFire

    //! loaddata

    Can anyone properly explain/show me how to use this? Or a test map would be nice. I'm interested in this function but I could never get it to work. (Yeah, I read the manual)
  9. PurgeandFire

    Moving Destructables

    Yeah, very simple, but is there any "trick" to move destructables? I couldn't find natives for it, so I assume you must manually destroy/recreate them, but I just want to be sure and see if there is any method to be able to move them. Thanks. =)
  10. PurgeandFire

    Skin Armored Wolf

    Thought it'd be cool to have a wolf with an armored head as a mount. I would have added more stuff, but the wrap was just too crazy to give me any room to be creative. :P Done with mouse. If you use it, give credits if you can. =) The path is: Units\Creeps\DireWolf\DireWolf.blp Alternatively...
  11. PurgeandFire

    Long Multiboard Text

    EDIT: I just worked around with another solution. Just used ComputeStringFragments() by Peppar.
  12. PurgeandFire

    Do Dialogs Pause the Game?

    Do dialogs pause the game when playing multiplayer? Just a quick question, I've never tested it but I intend on using dialogs for something.
  13. PurgeandFire

    Best method for a Prayer of Mending

    Ok, I am making a spell that is like Prayer of Mending (since it is obviously one of the most awesome spells in WoW). Now, any ideas on how to register the damage? Basically, I am going to make a periodic to jump to the first unit, and then register if the target takes any damage within 15...
  14. PurgeandFire

    SC2 Collector's Edition Announced

    Sorry if this has been posted, but it just came today: It is funny, the collector's edition will include a pet for WoW. :D
  15. PurgeandFire


    I was looking through T32 and saw this: local thistype this=thistype(0).next What does the "(0)" part do, what is its significance? Thanks.
  16. PurgeandFire

    Unit Recycling

    I seem to have some problems with dummy unit recycling. I have a spell which basically starts out with units revolving around the caster. After 5 seconds are up it stops. (It does more if units are in range, but this is just the part I'm trying to focus on) Since I shouldn't create/remove...
  17. PurgeandFire

    Unit Desync

    Ok, I have a question. When does hiding a unit actually desync? So, say I have a unit. I hide it for all players but Player 1 (Red). It has invulnerability and doesn't move nor does it have pathing. (movement and attacks disabled) A standard dummy unit, except without locust. Would this...
  18. PurgeandFire

    Display FPS Ingame

    I forgot the command to display/undisplay FPS ingame. I searched but it gave me random threads. Anyway, thanks if you help.
  19. PurgeandFire

    Getting Terrain Height

    A quick question. I haven't touched the editor in a while so I forgot everything. I'm just looking for either a quick native to check terrain height or a quick method to check it. By this I don't mean cliff height, I mean height that is raised or lowered. Yes I searched... To no avail since I...
  20. PurgeandFire

    3.3.0 PTR Patch Notes Just found out about it :P