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  1. Bribe

    Snippet Advent

    Similar to Event by Nestharus, but without the messy API and the unreadable code. It obviously needs to be a new submission as I don't like that Jesus4Lyf's Event requires you to use ugly trigger API. This hides the ugliness while keeping it just as dynamic. But faster. library Advent...
  2. Bribe

    System GameStatus

    library GameStatus initializer Ini /* GameStatus 2.0 by Bribe, special thanks to Troll-Brain Check if a game is single-player online or is a single-player replay. Due to Warcraft 3 limitations there is no known bugfree way to detect a multi- player replay. Even...
  3. Bribe

    System MissileRecycler

    Recycles missile dummy units while considering their facing angle. Warning: this uses an ObjectMerger statement to create a dummy unit with the rawcode 'dumi'. I haven't written a Nestharus-style safe Lua script nor prepared a test map at this stage. That is on my to-do list still. library...
  4. Bribe

    System ArrowKey

    If you want to centralize all the arrow key events in your map and keep your workload as short and sweet as possible, I have designed this library for you. library ArrowKeyEvent /* ========================================================================= ArrowKeyEvent version
  5. Bribe

    Discussion Total JassHelper overhaul project

    I'm going to be writing an entirely new compiler. It will be like Jass Shop Pro where it doesn't interface directly with World Editor or Jass NewGen Pack, so it will work on Mac OS X systems as well as PC's. It will have its own GUI with syntax highlighting, very beginner-friendly syntax...
  6. Bribe

    System Timer2

    Timer2 operates based on a running philosophy of mine: doing more with less. How does one timer per struct sound, even with different expiration periods? If you want an alternative to TimerUtils (spamming a timer handle per instance) and need something more versatile than TimerQueue (preset...
  7. Bribe

    Snippet Table

    Many of us are aware that hashtables have a 255-instance limit. Many of us could also agree the hashtable API is some of the most ugly (albeit arguably the most dynamic) in the whole common.j library. Table, based on Vexorian's Table, takes one hashtable far beyond what would otherwise be...
  8. Bribe


    I am trying to compile an iWeb application at work (on break, obviously). I have no "mobile me" account and will not spend the money to obtain it, so the "publish" button does not work. My objective is that I would like to compile a page with any number of widgets on it to see what it looks...
  9. Bribe

    HTML Forms with Python?

    I am new to Python, as said in an earlier post. I am trying to create a template using Python which interacts with an HTML web form. I don't know how to direct the "submit" button to start running Python code. And when I do, how would Python know what the user typed in? I have been really...
  10. Bribe

    Snippet ForEach

    library ForEach //======================================================================= // This library provides high-level functions at your normal high-level // efficiency loss. Zinc has a built-in syntax which is very close to // this, but Zinc also lacks a ton of...
  11. Bribe

    How are function interfaces compiled?

    If I have this: function interface myfunc takes nothing returns nothing And this: globals myfunc array Funcs endglobals Does Funcs convert to a trigger array? How does it work internally? Ideally, I want to check to see if an array slot has been assigned or not. Would I use: boolean...
  12. Bribe

    From JASS to Python

    Fed up with the JASS interpreter and onto professional programming envirnoments, I've been studying Python. Yes, I know it is also an interpreter, but the far greater capability and compatibility squash a JASS script. I have a few specific questions; An array in JASS is comparible to what in...
  13. Bribe

    What other unit indexing libraries are there?

    I want to add support for unit-indexing libraries people might be using. I know of: AIDS (supported) AutoIndex (supported) UnitIndexingUtils (I won't support a deprecated library that has poor indexing) UnitIndexer (supported) Are there any others that are being used?
  14. Bribe

    Discussion Coolest natives

    My favorite functions are: native UnitAlive takes unit id returns boolean native ExecuteFunc takes string funcName returns nothing And I don't know why. What are yours?
  15. Bribe

    Benchmark UnitAlive vs UNIT_TYPE_DEAD

    Comparison: UnitAlive vs UNIT_TYPE_DEAD Approximate Results & Conclusions: Tested on latest Warcraft III Version. UnitAlive is 50% faster than UNIT_TYPE_DEAD. Comments & Personal Criticism: Nestharus thought UnitAlive was a wrapper for UNIT_TYPE_DEAD, this strongly differs...
  16. Bribe

    Many Triggers or Many Events?

    Some people handle the event-approach by using a single trigger per single-unit event, whereas others handle the approach by using a single-trigger with many, many single-unit events. I can't imagine destroying the trigger removes the event from scope, nor the handle index, so wouldn't it be...
  17. Bribe

    Conditions vs. Actions

    This isn't about speed and TriggerSleepAction, it's about thread integrity. I've read a post from Cohadar on (from 2008, mind you), and this is what he says: This challenges many common practices. Should I change my approach, use short-and-wasteful conditions and start using...
  18. Bribe

    AIDS or AutoIndex?

    I've opted to run with a unit indexing library because I want access to UnitUserData (to not use hashtables wastefully), and I know it's taboo to use that feature without proper handling. What would be the pro's and con's of using one or the other? I'm looking for things like: Which is...
  19. Bribe

    Snippet Handle

    Expands on the API of handles to allow any handle other than weathereffects or terrain deformations to be saved/loaded from a hashtable. Pow! This is a compliment to the common.j natives and to the TypeCasting Library. library Handle...
  20. Bribe

    Is there a way to manually change typeid?

    this.typeid is a native vJass utility that retrieves the struct instance from whence it was allocated. I'd just like to know if there's a way to set that value after the allocation method, because I want a parent struct to call a child struct's methods even though the child struct was not the...