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  1. yami-joey

    Programs for Video/Slideshow Making

    Any applications/software where you can edit videos and create more CUSTOMIZED slideshows?? Aside from Sony Vegas Pro and Windows Movie Maker any other programs?? Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. yami-joey

    Suggest Websites To Go To When Bored

    Please suggest sites to go to when bored. :) It would be much help.
  3. yami-joey

    Need Some Science Trivia

    Hey guys, I need some "epic" Science trivia that was said by some Scientists/Physicists out there. Does anyone have a link or could share some EPIC words of wisdom from Scientists?
  4. yami-joey

    Final Fantasy VII: Skit

    FF7 Skit FF7 Skit High Quality Here is our cosplay performance at ToyCon Philippines 2010. With that performance we won 1st place and won prizes. :D Yuffie - my sister Reno - played by me yami-joey Other characters - my cousins :D Hope you like it.
  5. yami-joey

    Some TD Trigger Help here!

    I am making a new TD map and I need some trigger help. :) So, my TD map is in grid form like this: -------------------------------- |X = CREEP SPAWN HERE -------------------------------- |X = CREEP SPAWN HERE...
  6. yami-joey

    How to Make Players give Bounty?

    I was wondering how the player colors would give bounty like the Neutral Hostiles do??? (Example: Gray player) Thanks to anyone who'd help.
  7. yami-joey

    Panda Wars Skill Suggestion Thread

    This is a thread made for the Members' Project, Panda Wars Primal-X. We are currently in need of skill suggestions for the Panda Heroes. Skill Replacements: Shadow's Space Resonate Benevolence Blue Flare Pandarkth ultimate And other skill suggestions
  8. yami-joey

    Hero Arena Trigger?

    Any link to available tutorials on how to make a Hero Arena?? Much appreciated...
  9. yami-joey

    Base Ability on Items and Hero Abilities

    Say I gave an item an ability Storm Bolt. And then the hero also has one based on it and uses the active on the item. Will it override the other?
  10. yami-joey

    Lina Inverse

    Lina Inverse of DotA by me!
  11. yami-joey

    Icons for a Panda Hero

    Anyone willing to help out or link to any cool icons for a Panda Hero/anything related to a panda? It's for my map project here. Or if you have played the map, you can suggest some skill icons. :D I've checked the hiveworkshop so no need to link there :) Thanks to anyone who...
  12. yami-joey

    In need of Panda Models!

    Anyone know of some interesting pandaren models out there (I've already looked at HiveWorkshop, any other websites out there?), or will anyone be willing to model some for my map project (found here)? Effort will be much appreciated and properly credited at map loading screen. Thanks a...
  13. yami-joey

    The Girl That Plays D-O-T-A

    This is an old poem I posted up at It was a big hit back then :D The Girl That Plays D-O-T-A Thinking as I walk across the busy town again Gonna play D-O-T-A this 2 o'clock P.M. Should I pick Lina Inverse or go with Nerubian Weaver? Or pick Fuzzy Wuzzy and farm...
  14. yami-joey


    This is another one of my Photoshop works, the other one is here. Mutualism - DeviantART Link These are my classmates in high school right now. One is currently flirting with the other in a "weird" way, telling her that SHE is in LOVE with HIM. <3
  15. yami-joey

    Just Tell Me You Like Me

    Just Tell Me You Like Me - deviantART Link :thup: This is a piece I've done in Photoshop CS3. I've drawn the lineart first and colored it in Adobe Photoshop. These are two of my classmates and they are always arguing and teasing each other <3.
  16. yami-joey

    Any good maps w/ AI around?

    I'm quite :nuts: these days. I wanna play good maps with AI, but I can't find any. Any suggestions for fun maps? Thanks. :thup:
  17. yami-joey

    To the One I Hate

    To The One I Hate You're everything I hate. Your annoying voice; the disturbing noise Your troubling radiance; your pestering arrogance Your blinding pink hair; Oh, this life ain't so fair! You make my life a living hell Your pride--oh, the lies you always tell Too self-assured, you're...
  18. yami-joey

    Terrain Lay-outing needed. Will give proper credit!

    Hey guys. I am currently in need of a good person to help me in lay-out terraining for my Panda Wars Primal-X Map. If you are interested in helping, just send me a PM, ok? Thanks a lot, and merry christmas to everyone. ^_^
  19. yami-joey

    WIP Panda Wars PRIMAL-X (w/ AI!)

    Panda Wars PRIMAL-X v3.18 PANDA WARS PRIMAL-X :::Version 3.18::: SPREAD THE PANDA LOVE!!! (Map Includes AI) Message for You: Thank you for your support and help in making this game! Continue to spread the PW LOVE!! (Especially thank you to xBlackRose (Siraraz) and kingkingyyk3.)...
  20. yami-joey

    Creating Maps in 1.24b

    Hey guys. Need help. I just have a problem. When you create maps in v1.24b it just bombards you with errors when you try to save it, making it close the editor and give you a corrupted map. That's why I create maps by switching to 1.20. But, is there a guarantee that that map will work...