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    Evolution Help

    How can I make a unit "upgrade" to a new unit? Example, I want a footmen to upgrade to a Knight, but I want the upgrade to have a cost [50 gold]. How can I do this? It doesn't have the "Upgrades to -" area in the object editor.
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    Village Tree Wall (Summer) model?

    I want to use the model Village Tree Wall as a unit. Where can I find this model? I already checked in "Doodads", "Destructibles", and "Units" but it's not there.
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    Making units follow a certain path?

    How can I make spawned units walk only only a certain terrain? Like for example, I want this unit to walk only on cobble path and not on the grass. How do I do this? o.0
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    Loading units in a building skill?

    How can I make a unit be loaded into a building? I already tried giving ALL the load ability in a certain building but it still won't let my unit in. I also gave it the unload ability as well but it still won't load the unit.
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    Unit Shooting While Moving

    My plan: I created a tower defense style part of my game where there's a path that mazes through a town (different terrain [Cobble Path]) and catapults follow those paths. The problem is the whole area is the same height, and I want to keep it that way, so is there a way that I can make the...
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    Unit Hero Cast Spells He doesn't Own

    How can I make an AI Hero cast a spell he doesn't own? If this is by trigger, can someone please give me an example so I can use it as a guideline? Thanks :D
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    First Person Shooter in Warcraft 3 map?

    A FPS map in Warcraft 3 Does anyone know the name of this map so I can download it in epicwar/hiveworkshop? Or does anyone know any other first person shooter map in warcraft 3? :D
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    .mdx & .blp help

    I downloaded a model from, some of them only had 1 .mdx file which is really convenient for me 'cause I only need to import one file. But some of the models have 2+ .mdx files and there's even another 2+ .blp files which I have no clue what to do with. What is the point of...
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    Help mapmaker pros!

    I'm currently working on a map but there are some problems that is preventing me from progressing with my map. I need some help. Here's the link for more info: Problems: I'm not sure if I should make the boss playable or make it AI. I...
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    Epic Boss Battle

    The Knights of Arcadia vs The Colossus of False Prophets Epic Boss Battle (might change name) Pick One: Arcadian Crusaders, Legacy of Knights, Shadow of Falsehood, and Army of Fallacy :D An epic battle between The Holy Knights of Arcadia and The Collossus of False Prophets. The Army of False...
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    map optimizer help

    how do i make my map really small so i can host it in bnet? i dled wc3mapoptimizer and i used it but it only reduced map size by 0.01%
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    Skills Ideas FTW

    I need some skills idea/suggestions for: A Main Tank - 1 skill needed An Off Tank - 1 skill needed A Main Healer - 3 skills needed A Secondary Healer - 4 skills needed* An Aggro Manager - 3 skills needed* A Crowd Controller - 4 skills needed* & A Damage Dealer - 1 skill needed If there's...
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    Skills Information?

    Is there a place here (like a forum, site, etc.) that describes all the skills and abilities in warcraft? 'cause I need a skill that, when activated, will attract enemies near the hero. but the problem is I don't know what that skill is called. Note: I'm still really noob at World Editor...
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    Hero Level 10+

    How do I make a hero go more than level 10?
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    No Radar and Complete Darkness

    How do I disable radar? How do I make it so that the places you haven't been to yet is really dark (you can't even see terrain)? How do I make "night time" forever, like it stays night for the whole game?
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    WARNING: Very noob question!!! Hey, uhmm how can I make it so that for the whole game, the camera is a bit far away from the map?
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    Safekeeping HELP!!!

    How do I: protect my map so that when someone else downloads it, they can't edit it? make it so that the people playing it can't change their race/handicap/color/ etc? lock a computer in the game so that when someone else hosts this, they can't replace a computer with a user?
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    Making units neutral/hostile?

    How do you make units (i.e. Footman, Archer, etc.) hostile/neutral so that they won't attack you if they see you, but if you attack them, they'll attack back?