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  1. Squll2

    Miming singing.. With a twist

    I'm not sure if this is the most retarded or hailirious thing I've seen in my life.. Either way Wait till he/she really gets into it... hahaha lm_n3hg-Gbg
  2. Squll2

    Composing Competition 1

    Thank you Jimpy for the sexy image. Approved competition by Kc102, Jimpy. July 20th - August 5th Hey everyone, we've finally decided to have our very own composing competition (trumpet fanfare) wooohooo :thup: It is very open in terms of guidelines. Here's a quick rundown of some of the...
  3. Squll2

    Michael Greyson

    A new youtube sensation, picked up by ellens producers and put on the show is now rapidly gaining world-wide attention... Hurray for another Justin Bieber. He is seriously amazing though, when the vocals first came on i was like :eek: bxDlC7YV5is
  4. Squll2

    Dubstep Santa

    Probably could fit under the music category as well.. but I find it pretty funny :P Hope you like. z59gAXZ0ksQ
  5. Squll2

    Units in Group (Spell Problem)

    Hey guys, noobey sqully here. Anyway, what this spell is meant to do is debuff or "dot" an enemy (damaging him over time) and if he dies with it still on him, it recasts it on all the enemies around him. Howeverrrr for some reason it is no doing this and I am clueless to as why, When I added...
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    I just stumbled across an interesting artist that i've seen remixed a few times but i've never really looked into her that much. I'm glad that I have now though. Her Predominant style is soul / light hiphop, but she changes a little bit, with turntablism / rap aspects in "Changes" and Drum &...
  7. Squll2

    Song I made..

    Hey everyone, new song by me (I know so exciting!) but seriously, im still really learning the ropes, and some constructive criticism from all of you would be very nice. Anyway it is sort of a Drum & Bass nature.. however it lacks serious bass.. but has trancey synths.. so we could call it...
  8. Squll2

    Text-based game codes?

    Hey all, I was just curious to what would be a good code to learn able to make online Text-based games, which could store data and stats etc.
  9. Squll2

    Picture Editing (text adding, border removing)

    Hey cane someone please add a text to those, preferably light red in some kind of font you think likes groovy saying "Mobster" (mabye to the bottom right over the picture, or wherever you think it looks best) and make it have a transperent background.. aka remove the white background. Also if...
  10. Squll2

    Mother Lover

    Presented @ SNL by Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake Be warned.. vulgure language inside 8s6Ll_ajc2A
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    Hey guys, check out this awesome game. Basically in this game you have to multitask, controlling upto four different sub-games to make sure you dont lose, the games get more and more difficult as you progress. Link: My top score is 410
  12. Squll2

    The Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo)

    Yes, I did search and there was nothing else on this The Diabolo not the Diablo is a juggling prop consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks held one in each hand. A huge variety of tricks are possible using the sticks, string, and various body parts...
  13. Squll2

    Galcon (Free Flash Strategy Game)

    Hey all, I searched before I made this post and no threads came up with the title "Galcon" which is sorta dissapointing because this game is awesome! A screenshot Basically this game is free to play online.. but if you want to be able to have a proper "name" and rank, and a desktop...
  14. Squll2

    Vjass Code Problems (Simple)

    Hey everyone. Begginner Vjasser here, with a very simple code that is playing up on me. Would anyone care to explain to me why those code does not work at all :( and tell me how I can improve it, and make it faster... cleaner as such? Thanks in advance!! :) The simple aim of the spell...
  15. Squll2

    Ambient Song.

    Hey guys, just made another song, definatly not finished, and once you listen to it you'll know that it wasnt made over just one day, and that I have different music moods :P :rolleyes: Though the first part I was just looking for something quiet, calm and simple and chilled out. Thus the...
  16. Squll2

    Song of the Day - Retired

    Humour thread has joke of the day, Game thread has a semi thread called Game of the day, so why not song of the day? From now on, Jimpy or I will post a song every day or two, The songs will try and vary in genre, but please if you feel a genre isnt getting any love, pm me or post in the...
  17. Squll2

    Finding Unit Within Range Center Unit?

    I actually have three queries, which I will explain in this post but first of all, is there an event response for finding the Unit Within Range Center Unit? If you dont get what I mean, heres my code (uncompleted) Thats the intialization trigger, what im doing here as you can probably...
  18. Squll2

    Song Name?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you know the song name to this.. , here are some of the chorus lyrics. (Fairly recent song, I think) - "Do you think that I would, change the world, if I could? Do you think that I would take the chance to be hearrd" Thats what I remember :P -Ty...
  19. Squll2

    Trance/Drum'n'bass song Enjoy ^^ -One of my first songs, so please dont be TOO harsh, all constructive criticism would be VERY welcome. Some Quick Facts ~Made in Fl Music Studio 8 ~Only external VST used was Refx Nexus ~It sounds cool:thup:
  20. Squll2

    Slowed Buff (Changeable?)

    is it possible to change how much speed is reduced by the slow effect/buff? +rep for help! :P