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    Why doesn't the cam lock function work?

    Try taking it off Map Initialization and setting it to "Time elapsed is 1 second;" I'm pretty sure that Map Init screws up that function. I had the same problem in Murder at the Mansion, and stilll people can unlock it by pressing a key. Your best and most efficient solution is having a...
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    Oh, hello.

    What's new?
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    Leaving. As in, not coming back.

    Yep. I'm leaving to further my career with animals. I'm moving to Japan to learn with a Sensei who has offered to teach me and give me an official license. Well, nice knowing you all. I had a great time here, learned a bit, helped a bit. Got a better attitude for it all. Stay strong...
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    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

    "Run Program" doesn't do anything?
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    Squirrels wield a hot, secret weapon

    I always knew squirrels were more awesome than people thought.
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    Units move back after Attack-Moving?

    It moves back because of a setting on the unit. It's a creep, isn't it? It's like, camp radius, or a on / off camp setting on the unit.
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    Teenagers hooked on TV and Computer Games only get 4 hours of Junk Sleep a night

    I can just see many of the younger members going, "Oh, jeez, I hope my parents don't see this article."
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    Teenagers hooked on TV and Computer Games only get 4 hours of Junk Sleep a night

    Whatever I'm doing, I force myself to get 7 hours of sleep, at least, during the week. Can't be going to work all droopy.
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    Modeling in RoC

    I don't know much about models. I don't know what should be there and what shouldn't.
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    Generating Traffic to a New Forum

    Generating Traffic to a forum, how would I add my forum to search engines and such? Any advice on other methods for getting traffic?
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    Modeling in RoC

    It doesn't matter that it changes to mdl, don't worry about that. Do you mean that your model has no .BLP?
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    moderation tools!?

    It is for members that wish to close their thread. No, you're not a mod, and no, this is not a bug.
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    Strange Message

    lmao, I saw that a while ago. Couldn't figure out wtf it does.
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    Super Map!

    He's not into Wc3 much, though he says he goes on to yell at the noobs once in a while. I've been playing CS:S with him a bit lately.
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    Free Forums - Hosting Files

    It helps very much, thank you.
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    Free Forums - Hosting Files

    That's alright with me, I don't intend to move to a paid host.
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    Free Forums - Hosting Files

    What would be the difference between just using a forum rather than using a webhost with a forum added? I want to avoid coding, unless I can get my hands on someone who's good at it.
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    Extinct fish mysteriously return

    People are going to claim that it's evolution. That they evolved, again, from the same species they were before.
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    Free Forums - Hosting Files

    I know this has been discussed before. I've looked around, but I still feel that times change, and there could be a better alternative than there used to be. What would be the best free forums service, which would be easy to set up, navigate, potentially host many files, and have good control...
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    Remove unit non TFT?

    If you mean the minimap image, or loading screen image, post it iin the WE Help forum.