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    Leaving. As in, not coming back.

    Yep. I'm leaving to further my career with animals. I'm moving to Japan to learn with a Sensei who has offered to teach me and give me an official license. Well, nice knowing you all. I had a great time here, learned a bit, helped a bit. Got a better attitude for it all. Stay strong...
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    Generating Traffic to a New Forum

    Generating Traffic to a forum, how would I add my forum to search engines and such? Any advice on other methods for getting traffic?
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    Free Forums - Hosting Files

    I know this has been discussed before. I've looked around, but I still feel that times change, and there could be a better alternative than there used to be. What would be the best free forums service, which would be easy to set up, navigate, potentially host many files, and have good control...
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    Need someone who knows how to edit programs

    I need someone who is experienced in editing ".cfg" files and programs. Please respond to this thread if you're interested (so I can +rep you :)) and I will PM you.
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    Suggestion: WE Tutorials Map Submissions

    A thread recently brought this to mind. Would it be possible to add a field in the Map pages that tell whether it's protected or not?
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    Pigeons on Birth Control

    LOS ANGELES - Hollywood residents believe they've found a humane way to reduce their pigeon population and the messes the birds make: the pill. Over the next few months a birth control product called OvoControl P, which interferes with egg development, will be placed in bird food in new...
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    Internet Cable Problems

    Well, my cat chewed through it. Right through it, two pieces. The problem is, it's about 100 feet long, and that kind of internet cable costs about $150-$250. By no means do I want to go buy another one. I can't buy a shorter one because it would not reach to my comp. from the router. Does...
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    Minigames Contest

    Minigame Contest - A (unique) attribute to this contest is that I would be taking any submissions (with permission) and compiling them into a party-style map. I will create a quest tab for each minigame in the map, with credits to the author and a description of the game. Parameters for...
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    Humane Society Caught Fire

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A massive fire overnight destroyed the Jacksonville Humane Society on Beach Boulevard. According to the Jacksonville Fire-Rescue Department, the fire broke out about 2 a.m. The roof of one of the buildings collapsed in flames. "The firefighters immediately began...
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    Lesson 1: GUI "General" Functions

    Do Nothing: Often used in league with If / Then / Else functions. This, if it isn't obvious enough, does nothing. It may seem pointless, but later in this class you will learn why it's useful, as we move onto the other functions. Comment: Comments are used for many reasons. The most common uses...
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    Yet Another Pet Food Mishap

    WASHINGTON - An industrial chemical that led to the nationwide recall of more than 100 brands of cat and dog food has turned up in a second pet food ingredient imported from China. The discovery expands the monthlong cascade of recalls to include more brands and varieties of pet foods and...
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    Classroom: "General" GUI Functions

    Well, to kick off the whole Classroom thing, I thought I'd go ahead and improve awareness of the "General" functions in GUI. Lesson 1: · Do Nothing · Comment · Custom Script Lesson 2: · Wait · Wait (Game Time) · Wait for Condition · Wait for Sound Lesson 3: · Set Variable Lesson 4: · If /...
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    Cannot Delete Posts Anymore?

    Why did we lose the ability to delete our posts? It's not a big deal; I just tried to do so the other day and found I couldn't. I don't really like asking an Admin or a moderator to delete things every time I need it.
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    The creator of the comic 'B.C.' dies at 76

    ALBANY, N.Y. - Cartoonist Johnny Hart, whose award-winning "B.C." comic strip appeared in more than 1,300 newspapers worldwide, has died. He was 76. Hart died Saturday while working at his home in Endicott. "He had a stroke," his wife, Bobby, said Sunday. "He died at his storyboard."...
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    Alaskan Man Catches 100-year-old Rockfish

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A commercial fishing boat hauled in what may have been one of the oldest creatures in Alaska — a giant rockfish estimated to be about a century old. The 44-inch, 60-pound female shortraker rockfish was caught last month by the catcher-processor Kodiak Enterprise as it...
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    Big Mac Attack at the Drive-Thru

    I found this video extremely funny. My cousin sent it to me, he's the one doing the rap.
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    New Mars Caves - Possible Signs of Life?

    A Mars-orbiting satellite recently spotted seven dark spots near the planet's equator that scientists think could be entrances to underground caves. The football-field sized holes were observed by Mars Odyssey's Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) and have been dubbed the seven sisters...
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    Side Project: Turtle Tag

    ◘ Turtle Tag ◘ Map name Turtle Tag Platform Frozen Throne (a modified version will be created for Reign of Chaos.) Creator Tky Productions (Just me) BETA or Release Not yet Available Current Version Pre-Release Beta Testing Summary A tag-styled map, including new features and improvements...
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    Tutorial: Hero Selection Systems

    Various Hero Selection Systems and How They Work - WIP In this tutorial I'm going explain many of the methods for hero selection. Index- 1 · Next / Previous Hero Viewing 2 · Dialog Menu Selection 3 · Using a Unit and Circles of Power 4 · Hero Taverns 5 · Clicking and Doubleclicking...