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  1. Oninuva

    [Android / iOS] Stone Age

    Just wanted to share another game thewrongvine and I made together, Stone Age. This time we made a survival game where you hurl giant boulders to defend your family from wild animals. There are different power ups and challenges that you will encounter as you progress in the game. This time we...
  2. Oninuva

    [Android] Rover - Puzzle Game

    Just wanted to share a new game that thewrongvine and I have just released. It's a simple yet challenging puzzle game. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to write us a review if you had fun! Take control of Rover and his friends as they embark on a mission through space! The objective is...
  3. Oninuva

    [Android] Run Run

    Just wanted to share our free android game called Run Run made with libGDX. I made it together with thewrongvine and it's our first game made with libGDX. To play use the on screen joystick and shield button to activate shields. The objective is to dodge obstacles and reach the next...
  4. Oninuva

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Info!!!

    Read more here. Game is scheduled to be released sometime this year! :thup::thup: Anyone else excited for SWTOR?
  5. Oninuva

    Discussion: Starting and Maintaining a Forum

    Starting a forum is as simple as starting up your own "free site" by yourself or even as much as purchasing a license for software such as vBulletin. Each method is still considered starting a forum and a forum is nothing really more than a place for discussion. But what's the secret method for...
  6. Oninuva

    TheHelper Small Business

    Just realized there was a small business section of the website as well as a forum to go with it. What happened to this? Closed for read only? :nuts: Would be a pretty interesting forum. :thup: I would be able to put in some advice or discussion as well. :)
  7. Oninuva

    Midnight Release Details

    The Cataclysm approaches and we have just a little more than one day before the release of the game! Don’t forget to join Blizzard on Monday, December 6th at Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, California for their release party featuring Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftan and developer signings...
  8. Oninuva

    Tol Barad

    Tol Barad is an outdoor PvP Raid in Cataclysm that’s very similar to the current Wintergrasp. While it’s similar in the PvP aspects to Wintergrasp, Tol Barad will also feature a large daily quest hub as well. The Alliance and Horde battle for control alongside the Baradin’s Wardens (Alliance)...
  9. Oninuva

    The Shattering / Cataclysm Approaches!

    The Shattering of Azeroth will be set to begin this week and Azeroth will be forever changed! Deathwing will strike and wreak havoc to al of Warcraft and the world will be forever changed! Take the final hours to finish any unfinished business as you’ll never be able to see it again! The...
  10. Oninuva

    Loremaster Changes Inbound

    As you’re all aware by now, the shattering of Azeroth will drastically and permanently alter the continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. In the wake of Deathwing’s devastation, adventurers will be summoned to embark on new quests from levels 1 to 60 in these transformed territories —...
  11. Oninuva

    [iPhone] Game Dev Story

    Game Dev Story is a management based simulation game created by Kairosoft. You start the game off as the president of a small game company. The game takes place over a time span of 20 years where you can create games, hire/fire employees, etc. You grow your brand as you make choices between...
  12. Oninuva

    The Elemental Invasion

    The third part of the elemental invasion has finally begun, the elemental invasion is part of a series of events leading up to the Cataclysm. The first part of the Elemental Invasion had many elementals invade various parts of the world including attacks on stormwind and ogrimmar. The third part...
  13. Oninuva

    World War III

  14. Oninuva

    New World of Warcraft Community Site

    As Azeroth as we know approaches it’s final days, so will the World of Warcraft community site. As Deathwing approaches, so will a complete redesign of the current World of Warcraft community site! While most of the changes to the site are cosmetic, it’s still visually pleasing to the eyes and...
  15. Oninuva

    Blizzard DotA and Left2Die

    New to the Blizzard Convention this year is the Map Editor Panel and with it comes a whole bunch of goodies and cool information. Lead Level Designer Matt Morris and other team members discussed a whole bunch of map making topics including three new Blizzard maps that they used as examples...
  16. Oninuva

    The Cataclysm Has Begun!

    While the release of Cataclysm is well over a month away (December 7th), the cataclysm truly starts today. Blizzard has announced that in today’s scheduled maintenance, patch 4.0.1 will be released. The patch not only marks the start of cataclysm, it introduces a large amount of the changes...
  17. Oninuva

    Cataclysm Release Date Announced

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is set to be released on Dec 7! The announcement was made by Blizzard and will be available on PC & Mac for $39.99 for the regular edition and $79.99 for collectors edition. The wait is finally over! Read more here.
  18. Oninuva

    Patch 4.0.1 PTR Patch Notes

    The Public Test Realm (PTR) has been updated with the latest patch, 4.0.1. and is now available for testing! Also on this test realm are the updated with the next phase of pre-cataclysm events as well! The patch is most likely set to be released soon and players will be able to experiment with...
  19. Oninuva

    Cataclysm and Currency Changes

    There’s already many changes planned for Cataclysm but one of the latest additions to add to the list is the conversion and changes to the currency system. With Cataclysm, all of the old badges, honor, arena points, and other currency values will be converted to reflect the new Cataclysm game...
  20. Oninuva

    The Internet is Going Down Hill

    With all this out sourcing going on, the Internet is going down hill. Soon we will have to move on to the NEW internet where new beginnings are made! /discuss outsourcing and cutting jobs / costs? :thup:? :thdown:?