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  1. NoxMortus

    Crime Pirate Bay founders sent to jail

    A court in Sweden has jailed four men behind The Pirate Bay (TPB), the world's most high-profile file-sharing website, in a landmark case. Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom and Peter Sunde were found guilty of breaking copyright law and were sentenced to a year in jail...
  2. NoxMortus

    Ozzy Osbourne WoW commercial LOL
  3. NoxMortus

    Recent UFO sightings above San Francisco

    Found a handful of videos on youtube showing strange lights above San Francisco for a very short time before they appear to warp away incredibly fast. I don't usually pay much attention to UFO videos, but there are multiple different views from across the city filming the lights and the...
  4. NoxMortus

    [Crime] Man stabbed while waiting to buy Grand Theft Auto IV

    Computer games and violence, often linked by critics of the industry, came together in an unusually vivid manner last night when a man was stabbed while waiting to buy Grand Theft Auto IV and muggers shattered the jaw of a teenager who had just bought the game. The 18-certificate video game...
  5. NoxMortus

    Bad Connectivity

    Recently, about a month back, my internet has become extremely unreliable while browsing websites, I'll get maybe 3 seconds of connectivity per minute or 2. But for downloads or games I will have full connectivity the whole time, it's just really bad at loading webpages. Any ideas? Thanks...
  6. NoxMortus

    Trying out a new signature technique

    Trying something new, can't think of much else to say :o , so what do you think? It actually has a 1px white border if you were wondering.
  7. NoxMortus

    "Charged Liquid" Wallpaper

    I was trying a new technique in photoshop, and thought to myself that it would look pretty good as a wallpaper, so here it is, I call it "Charged Liquid" for lack of a better term for 'Electric water' or something :P
  8. NoxMortus

    Random Graphic

    I started up photoshop intending on making a new spray for CS:S, but got carried away and ended making this: Thought it looked pretty cool so I posted it here :)
  9. NoxMortus

    Counter-strike source won't run

    I'll double click on the CS:S icon on my desktop, and a steam window will pop up saying 'Preparing to launch CS:S', the window will close and this message pops up: My specs are: Athlon 64 3000+ processor (Runs at about 2ghz) 1GB Corsair RAM 256 MB NVidia GeForce 6600 PCI-e Any ideas?
  10. NoxMortus

    If Azeroth was real life, where would you live?

    Yea, a very interesting topic in guild chat yesterday. I thought about it and I'd live in either Booty Bay, for the fishing contests and great sea view :P , or I'd live in Lakeshire, go swimming in the lake and waking up to fresh mountain air every day :D Where would you guys want to live?
  11. NoxMortus

    Addition to the Warcraft Tutorials site

    I was just having a look at the tutorials site and I had an idea. Why not expand it to include WoW guides/tutorials also? I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that WoW has a much larger fan-base than Wc3, and thus will bring more traffic to the site. Something to think about.
  12. NoxMortus

    Renderless Sig

    I made a nice background in photoshop, then searched around for a render to match it, 20 minutes later, I still had no render to put on it, I got impatient and just slapped a tribal pattern on it, and it looked great! So I messed around with it for another 20 minutes and this is the result:
  13. NoxMortus

    What's your theme song?

    I've taken this thread idea from the EU WoW forums. Do you have a theme song? A song that sums up your personality or life? Or just a song you think kicks ass? I think mine would be either Trapped Under Ice (Lyrics) or Disposable Heroes (Lyrics) This is a good site to link your songs from...
  14. NoxMortus

    Tribal Wars

    Tribal Wars is an online browser-based game where you have your own village. You start out with basic buildings in your village which you need to upgrade and then build more advanced buildings, and eventually expand into more settlements. There is diplomacy in the game which allows you to...
  15. NoxMortus

    Another Signature

    I've been practising with brushes, and I downloaded some 'fractal' brushes (whatever those are :o ) and messed around with them til I came out with something nice, but I can't seem to blend my renders very well.. What do you guys think: With Hue layer: Without Hue layer: I adjusted...
  16. NoxMortus

    Top 10 PC games of all time

    According to PC Gamer magazine, these are the top 10 PC games of all time; 10. The Sims 2 9. GTA: San Andreas 8. Theif: Deadly Shadows 7. Rome: Total War 6. Civilization IV 5. World of Warcraft 4. Battlefield 2 3. Deus Ex 2. Half-Life 2 & Episode One And I'll let you guys guess the...
  17. NoxMortus

    Help with my Web Banner

    I'm making a banner for a gaming / modding website, I've done some of it, but now I'm stuck. I'm not happy with the way the text looks, and I can't find a render that looks good on the left. I'd appreciate any help here, aswell as suggestions on changing the banner.
  18. NoxMortus

    Newest Sig

    It seems a bit empty to me, any suggestions?
  19. NoxMortus

    Headset Microphone Problem

    I used to be able to talk on Teamspeak fine, but now that I've fitted a new motherboard I can't.. All the sounds of my pc are sent to the people on TS. E.g If im playing a game they will be able to hear the spells, background music etc. Someon on TS said I have an open-mic. My bro told me...
  20. NoxMortus

    My Graphics Dump

    I've just finished a signature for a WoW player; Other signatures: My first signature is here My free signatures are here I'll keep updating as I finish more stuff :P Edit~ Updated with new Night Elf WoW sig. Updated with new Human WoW sig. Updated with new...