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  1. lh2705

    Condition "|="

    Hello, was wondering if anyone knew what this condition means? "|=" edit: also what about " &="
  2. lh2705


    Okay.. So I need to know which code to use instead of GetAttackedUnitBJ() Since I don't want to use the BJs. I looked through an there wasn't any GetAttackedUnit :eek:
  3. lh2705

    Spellpack Lightning Blast, Earth Shock, Energize, Enchant Lightning

    Hello :) It's been a very long time.. My first spellpack I made with GUI and converted to JASS with locals. The spells are very simple spells, but they look nice :D 1. Lightning Blast - Fires a bolt of lightning from the sky to every unit in the area. Each bolt bounces as well :D...
  4. lh2705

    JASS Questions

    Hey guys, I've started doing some Jass spells(not really) since I couldn't do anything else when my internet was down last week. So, I need some opinions and help. I made a spellpack and I converted every single GUI trigger to Jass, replaced all the globals with locals and removed the...
  5. lh2705

    Good way to start Jassing?

    Hey, I'm just curious to know.. What's a good way to start Jassing? as in applying Jass into triggers. ? I've read most of the JASS tutorials, but I still can't apply them. I can read some of the triggers, but I can't write them. Suggestions are very much appreciated :D
  6. lh2705

    A movie producing program?

    Hey guys, I hope I'm at the correct forum.. I'm looking for a good movie producing program similar to Windows Movie Maker. I can't use WMM because it's weird..whenever I import a video, it crashes.. So are there any other movie producing programs that are free?
  7. lh2705

    Tips on Micro-ing

    Hey guys, I really wanted to know how to improve micro-ing skills in a map. I seem to be quite bad at it. Anyone has any tips on mastering micro-ing? other than playing melee maps alot.. :D
  8. lh2705

    PC Hangs

    Hey guys, Great another new problem comes up again... My pc has been hanging for over 5+ times over the last hour.. Keeps happening whenever I'm playing WoW. Any reasons to why this occurs?
  9. lh2705

    My PC keeps crashing

    Its not the first time this has happened.. Its like, halfway using the pc, it just crashes/switches off. I've no idea whats causing this, at first I thought the power supply is not enough because after it crashed, the pc could no longer start(you would here the fan sound then it would off...
  10. lh2705

    Systems Problem

    Hey guys, I've been having certain problems regarding the usage of certain systems. It's like, I followed all the steps needed and double checked after importing to system onto a map. Then, when every I use the system in a custom script, they always give me "Expected a Function name" This...
  11. lh2705

    Spellpack Thrust, Slayer's Mark & The Sweeper

    Well, after so long... A new spellpack :D 1. Thrust - Dashes along with the shockwave 2. Slayer's Mark - A little hard to show with the picture. When the Slayer's Hp drops below a certain %, he gains an increased regeneration rate until his hp goes back up. A "V" Shape going to...
  12. lh2705

    Boomerang Concept..

    I just wanted to know how hard would it be to code this. Basically its a spell where you turn it on, instant-cast, then a boomerang appears at your position. It will randomly select a target and triggers will slide it to that target until it gets close enough and then damages it, and selects...
  13. lh2705

    Disabled Spellbook with abilities inside...

    I just wanted to know, does all passive skill still work when you disable the spellbook with that certain ability inside? Ex, hardened skin, bash, evasion, critical strike.. Its been a loong time since I created a new thread :D
  14. lh2705

    Colored Names in LAN??

    I just wanted to know how people do this? If this is illegal then its fine with can close the thread.. Do they use namespoofing programs?
  15. lh2705

    Map Size..

    Just Curious, What uses up alot of map size in a map? Triggers?Map Custom Script?Objects?
  16. lh2705

    Region Question

    How would I make a region have an area of the dark fog around it. I mean, where you cant escape from it, like the ends of the maps where they show its dark and you cant enter it. How can I do that? I'll try to get an ss to see what i want.
  17. lh2705

    Something about Widgetizer I wanna know

    How does it make all players in a map disconnect from it?
  18. lh2705

    Spellpack Lightning Dash, Big Bad Voodoo & Hundred Axes

    Yay, yet another spellpack!! Hundred Axes - Channeling Big Bad Voodoo - Non-Channeling, Activatable/Deactivatable Version Lightning Dash :D Notes: Big Bad Voodoo doesnt show a buff effect. Weird. All spells non-MUI, I think. Added Constants :D Credits to elmstfreddie for...
  19. lh2705


    I just wanted to ask Is there a difference between Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions Hits Equal to 10 Hits Equal to 20 Hits Equal to 30 Hits Equal to 40 Hits Equal to 50 Hits Equal to 60 Hits Equal to 70 Hits Equal to...
  20. lh2705

    MUI and MPI

    I know what they stand for but which is more efficient? Pros and Cons? :D