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  1. O4thK33p3r


    aeonsoft made MMORPG FlyFF (Fly For Fun). although theres only 4 classes to choose from @ lvl 15 and 2 more sub-classes @ lvl 60, @ lvl 20 (upon finishing the flying quest) you can buy a magic broomstick or a hover board to fly, literally. fully 3d area to fly to. you can also customize your...
  2. O4thK33p3r


    french Amanka studios made flash game dofus. its a game where u cre8 chaacters, fight and find the "dofuses", items that grant immense stat bonuses. it is ran as an exe, or, because it was made in flash, can be accessed via any web browsing program. and dont say it sucks, cuz its a very well...