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  1. Nigerianrulz

    My first official bootleg (song) preview :O

    soo hi there, if you were part of TH back in the days some of you would know i make music. It's been a long way since i've began and I'm starting to take it on a more professional basis and so i present to you my first official bootleg aka unofficial remix...
  2. Nigerianrulz

    My new youtube channel monthly house music :D

    As you may have noticed before I've been busy with my music stuff and i've recently started a youtube channel dedicated to uploading new and old house music every month. So if you like some hectik progressive/electro house every month take a look :)
  3. Nigerianrulz


    Hi all :D, if you didn't know from before I've kinda recently transitioned into a house/trance producer and to complement that I've also gone into the field of being a DJ lately. So after a week of learning some of the craft this is my first set, hopefully this will be played in a lot more...
  4. Nigerianrulz


    I know this is in the wrong place but lettuce be honest, how many people goes to check the entertainment section that often so gotta break the rules a bit here :) Anyways ive finally completed a track, not the best yet as it is the first Trance/progressive song ive finished still got a lot...
  5. Nigerianrulz


    so besides laddering do you guys play arcade? There isn't many games in SEA so i like to go to NA to play arcade, anyone else plays :O
  6. Nigerianrulz

    The internet map check this out, pretty awesome :D although we are pretty small there
  7. Nigerianrulz

    The 3 Pylon Block and rant

    So i just played a game where the toss decides to 3 pylon block my ramp unluckily for him, i left a drone near my nat to prevent any cheese. As usual toss will direct his probe back and me spotting his probe followed it and turned a 3 pylon block into a 5 pylon block. Unfortunately for him also...
  8. Nigerianrulz


    So yeah, i assume there should be at least a few of us here that goes to gym or wants to I was thinking we could just have some general discussion here and make new threads for other topics for gym like routines and stuff But first let us introduce ourselves in terms of gym How long...
  9. Nigerianrulz

    Whoops, 3 Million Copies of Dirt 3 Just Went Missing

    Publishers Codemasters and graphics card manufacturer AMD have been running a promotion lately whereby purchasers of a card got a free copy of excellent racer Dirt 3. That offer has now been, uh, slightly expanded. It seems Codemasters had the reserved download codes for the promo - estimated...
  10. Nigerianrulz

    how does the placement matches work?

    as the title suggest, i cant seem to get to bronze in any of my leagues D: basically i started to play on a friends acc a few months ago and he was in plat, havnt been playing too much as this is the first time that ive properly played a RTS game (tends to use cheats on the other RTS games...
  11. Nigerianrulz

    In Time The trailer is pretty self explanatory, the idea for this film is really unique and original its right up there with inception. I love JT as an artist but as an action hero we will see...
  12. Nigerianrulz

    Crime Man roams school halls in Rio, killing 12 kids, then self

    RIO DE JANEIRO - A gunman roamed the halls of an elementary school in Rio de Janeiro yesterday, killing 12 children. He lined up the students against a wall and shot them in the head as he shouted, "I'm going to kill you all!" It was the worst school shooting in Brazil - and would have been...
  13. Nigerianrulz

    a new club banger :D

    Beat Here just a snippet, came to me at like 2am last night while playing with some chords, its a really rough draft, even the melody isnt fixed yet but C&C is welcomed still :D
  14. Nigerianrulz

    Banelings - Husky ft. KurtHugoSchneider

    fzMhh8zhTiY It explains itself, EPIC AS SHIT!
  15. Nigerianrulz

    DC Universe Online(Most epic trailer)

    H7Nf-m6WGl4 enough said.
  16. Nigerianrulz

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

    8NUBVcit5VM this has got to be one of most captivating movies ever ;)
  17. Nigerianrulz

    I Loved You [Prod. by me] instrumental

    i know this isnt in the right section but there isnt enough population in the music section to gain enough feedback, so if mods could allow this to stay up in GD for like a week or so ill be happy :) anyways this is the second complete song by me... well not FULLY complete but pretty near...
  18. Nigerianrulz

    All Around the World (WIP) gimme some C&C and listen till the end of the chorus ;) thats when the beat comes in.
  19. Nigerianrulz

    Goodbye definitly the most RnB song ive made so far. Once again sorry for the emptiness but the lyrics are on their way, made like half of it already so STAY TUNED :)
  20. Nigerianrulz

    LEGACY production (me).

    LEGACYZ Production dont think ive posted anything of what ive been producing lately. Been working on mastering and processing more of my sounds and im about ready to start showing everyone my beats. ignore the new hip hop beat.. that was just a test. but yeah check them out and give me...