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  1. C-Death

    Question about gaming videos and webcam

    Hello everyone. First off, you'd think after being here for years I'd be sure what goes where, but due to the way this (awesome) forum changes during my long periods of absence...I just hope this is in the right place. Now on to the topic at hand. My question is probably pretty simple: How do I...
  2. C-Death

    Controllers and PC gaming

    Hello everyone. I recently got Dark Souls 2 for PC. I should have done my research, as it's...pretty brutal with a keyboard and mouse. I've read that xbox 360 controllers are great with the PC, but it seems a little steep to me to pay around $50 for a controller for one game. So my question is...
  3. C-Death

    Need a little bit of help building a new PC

    Hello everyone, and let me apologize in advance if I've posted this in the wrong place. I finally came into a little bit of money, and I'm ready to stop abusing this poor laptop trying to play games. So now I'm looking to build a gaming PC. I don't need anything mind blowing. I play a lot of...
  4. C-Death

    Writing battle scenes

    Hello everyone. I haven't posted here in a while, but I'm glad to see we writers still have our own little corner. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to share about writing battle scenes? For whatever reason, even though I keep my sentences short and to the point, my scenes always feel slow.
  5. C-Death

    Considering buying a PS3, have a few questions.

    Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I am considering buying a PS3. Couple of questions: 1) Is a 40GB hard drive big enough for just games and some music? I don't plan on downloading anything other than what is required for the games themselves. The 40gb eat-up will also include saves, and...
  6. C-Death

    A few of my poems

    Hello everyone! I've decided to share a few of my poems, hoping to gather feedback! I feel there are a couple of things you should know before you begin to read. First of all, I'm quite new to poetry, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Second, English is not my native language. Though I...
  7. C-Death

    Quick Microsoft Word question

    Hello everyone. I have a question about Microsoft word. I've finished my first novel-type thing, and would like to add a cover page to it. Here is where the problem begins: In order to insert the title graphic fully, I have to import it onto the page, which screws up the page numbers. Now...
  8. C-Death

    Another Ubuntu problem

    Hello everyone. I've gotten as far as partitioning a part of the disk in Windows 7 to be used for Linux (Drive L: 50GB) Now that I go to install UBUNTU with Windows 7 (Don't wana lose windows 7) I'm presented with these two screens And at this I am TOTALLY lost. I was under the...
  9. C-Death

    Dual Operating system on a laptop?

    Hello everyone. I have an HP Pavilion laptop that came pre-loaded with windows 7. I was wondering 1) Is it possible to dual-os Ubuntu and windows 7 on the same machiene? and 2) Would there be any risk of harm to the laptop in doing so? Editing with a little more information: I have 184GB of...
  10. C-Death

    Doing a public journal type thing (details inside)

    Greetings members of TH.Net! I hope this is allowed since this is the writing section after all. Tomorrow is the date I've chosen to kick tobacco cold turkey. Here I will be recording a small little journal day by day. Why? Two reasons 1) Getting my thoughts on it out there will probably help...
  11. C-Death

    Unable to upload custom avatar

    Hello. Title pretty much says it all. I've tried uploading not only from my PC, but putting the avatar on an image hosting site as well, and I always get this Avatar properties: Size: 33.5KB size: 100x100
  12. C-Death

    Annoying little problem in microsoft word

    Hello everyone, I hope that this is in the right forum. In microsoft word 2010, I'm trying to fit my image of a parchment to be the background of the page. For the first 5 pages, it went swimmingly with no problems! However, with this page, when I try to drag the image to the full page, the...
  13. C-Death


    Greetings fellow writers; I would like to know what you do in order to create your maps (if you do create them?) I am yet to find any good software or anything for it, and drawing them by hand is out of the question, as I have almost 0 artistic drawing skills, and by the end, mine look like...
  14. C-Death

    Very odd issue installing MySQL server

    Hello everyone. When I install mySql server, everything goes just fine, except for it always tells me I have the wrong password. Basically, the installation goes fine, but when it runs the configuration wizard at the end, it always returns ERROR 1045: Access denied for user...
  15. C-Death

    Seeking an engine

    Hello everyone, I'm asking around trying to gather info about good game engines I could use, Pretty much the one that's easiest to take models from 3ds max to the engine, and also supports high-polly models. Any suggestions? Thanks :thup:
  16. C-Death

    Skin Necromancer Jaina

    Basically, I replaced some of her cape with the Necromancer's skull symbol. I thought about removing the runes, but then I thought it looked neat :P Though its hard to see in the screen shot, she also has the Necromancer's staff. All info and paths about the skin are in the .zip [First...
  17. C-Death

    Seeking a tutorial that google has failed to find me (if it exists)

    Has anyone come across a tutorial about exporting models from gmax to be used with warcraft 3? Obviously I realize there are more steps that simply gmax > .mdx, but I'm pretty much looking for a starting point Thanks a bunch, Your pal c :thup:
  18. C-Death

    3ds max-> MDX?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has come across any plugins/methods to convert models from 3ds max 2012 to MDX? The blizzard art tools don't work in any newer version. Thanks :)
  19. C-Death

    [3DSMAX] Little reflection pool, first work with water in max

    Title pretty much says it all, first attempt at water in 3dsmax. Opinions? :P
  20. C-Death

    Quick modeling question

    hello everyone, quick question about modeling (I've searched, and I can't find anything) What is the maximum amount of polly's a weapon model should have if it's being used for WC3? Thanks