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  1. Earlenlajnen

    Easy Skin Request

    The skin I am in need of is a Paladin (the original Hero from WC3) in white robes. I know this is probably really easy to skin but I lack the knowledge, tools and patience to do so. So that is why I beg of you to help me with this one. :P The parts I would like to see white are all the...
  2. Earlenlajnen

    Tooltip Layout

    This may be one of the most pathetic threads started but... I need a new and cool tooltip layout for my spells in a map I am working on. All spells will be affected by your stats and you will choose what stats you want to increase when your hero levels. I do not want to use the usual...
  3. Earlenlajnen

    Skin Problem

    I seem to have some problems with This Skin. I imported the skin with the Import Manager then i entered the path that can be seen at page two of the linked page: units\creeps\OrcWarlock\OrcWarlock.blp After that i created a couple of Stormweaver Warlocks and tried the map. I also...
  4. Earlenlajnen

    Jass related questions

    I have decided to learn Jass and thus I have some questions: What is data? Does it work like a game cache or hashtables? What are Handles? What are Structs? What is a Method? I might mention that I have neither vJass nor the NewGenEditor since it won't work properly for me. I've...
  5. Earlenlajnen

    Spellpack Return, Armor Crush and Forge Master

    Details All these Spells are made in GUI. Armor Crush and Forge Master are MUI I tried to make them unique and original. All spells should be leakless. If you find something weird, give me a shout. This Spellpack Contains: Return Armor Crush Forge Master Return Target Type...