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  1. Wark

    Removing footprints and related sounds from units

    (I think AceHart helped me with this like 2 years ago, but I couldn't find the other thread.) I'm looking for a way to remove footprints from units such as Ancients or Tauren, as well as the stomping sounds made when they walk. I know it can be done as I did it before. I'm almost certain it...
  2. Wark

    Latency Problems

    I keep having problems with lag, I've seen other threads that have similar problems, but I'm not sure what's causing mine. I reformatted and installed Windows SP1 a few weeks ago, and I have almost no programs on my computer. I have a 1.2Ghz Proc, 1GB RAM, and a 5.6 Megabit/second...
  3. Wark

    USB Ports don't work

    I'm having some trouble with my USB ports and I was hoping one of you could help me out. I'm running WinXp pre-SP1 Have a Socket A Mainboard Model K7S5A Pro I was trying to install a FireWire driver for my PCI FireWire card, and I downloaded a USB driver instead. I installed it and... it...
  4. Wark

    Make a program, identical to notepad.

    I want to make or download a program exactly like Microsoft Notepad but with a black background. How hard would this be? And if not possible, does anyone know of a notepad program that can already do this?
  5. Wark

    Find a hidden SUV

    With the upcoming new Pirates of the Carribean movie, Volvo made a cool treasure hunt for an SUV:
  6. Wark

    Converting Flash files to high quality image files

    I drew a nice picture in flash. Now I want to convert it to an image file that will not lose ANY or VERY LITTLE quality. How would I do this? Whenever I use Export to (I tired .JPG, .GIF and .PNG), the quality is always very poor.
  7. Wark

    Want to start drawing on the computer

    I always have ideas that would make really cool pictures. With pen and paper I'm not that great of a drawer, so I'm hoping I try to draw using the PC. I'm wondering what program you recommend for doing this? I have photoshop, but I don't really use it much, but I don't really want to cut images...
  8. Wark

    Someone needs to be sued

    Really quickly.
  9. Wark

    New Map! Capture the thing in the middle of the map!

    Ever since I quit WoW, I've been trouble thinking of ideas for a new map. But I've got an idea! Ok theres a bunch of races (3,4,5,6 about) like Skeletons, Murlocs, Forest Trolls and whatnot, and a Higher Power has told the leaders of each race that there is ____ in a small area in the...
  10. Wark

    Can't Install the new ATI Catalyst 5.13 Video Driver

    I can use my old 3.8 version that I got from the CD, but when I uninstall it form the ATI Catalyst Remover, reboot and then try to install the new catalyst, the Installer doesent load. I dunno whats going on. Did anyone with an ATI Radeon try to install the new Catalyst package?
  11. Wark

    I hate This company is so pathetic. Basically what they do is get anyone in the world to ask a question about help with their computer and experts exchange gives them a solution to their problem. Sounds cool right, like hey we do it here. But no no, not that simple, they...
  12. Wark

    Building and learning to make a Website

    I'm planing on (not 100% sure) to work on a Clan Site for my Warcraft III clan (The normal website sucks, and I think I cn make it better). I'm using for my website host and I'm going to use Frontpage to make my website. I'm just owndering two things. Would it be better to...
  13. Wark

    The history of "BOOM Headshot"

    FPS Doug part 1 FPS Doug part 2
  14. Wark


    Make sure your volume is on for this one Yes, WTF is right.
  15. Wark

    Sodaplay - a game for smart people.

    You can create machines or creatures using points, gravity, force and your imagination. It takes a while to get used to making your own. Check it out at:
  16. Wark

    Smallest in the world.

    This website is: Complete with flash games like Pong, Pac Man, and Asteroids. It also has a blog and an art section.
  17. Wark

    Anyone heard of "Reward Hits"?

    Apperantly, if you sign up to their program, and get people to click your links your get "HC" cash which "will be converted into real USD". I've been seeing this everywhere in forum sigs. Sound like another scam to me. Discuss.
  18. Wark

    Stick Arena

    The Counter-Strike for flash games. Go around killing other players with 6 different types of weapons: bat, Ak-47, Katana, shot gun, glock and sledge hammer. Free online.
  19. Wark

    Saving Private Ryan gif movie

    Found this somewhere... Hehe.
  20. Wark

    Ultimate Personality Test I didn't score: Loving - 85% Caring - 68% Strange/Wierd - 43% Generous - 56% Mysterious - 23% Psycic - 67% Mystical - 3% Open-Minded - 17% Suicidal - 0% What did you get?