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  1. Tiber

    TD Tiber's TD

    Current version: v0.91 Having used the World Editor for more than 6 years, I finally decided to make something playable. After a failed attempt at an ORPG, I switched to the TD format, and here it is. Download link: Description: - It's a TD with a...
  2. Tiber

    Carrion Swarm effect

    I'm trying to change Carrion Swarm's black fog effect, you know, when it hits enemies? Yeah, nothing works. I changed every art, buff and effect field and nothing works (changing Art - Special doesn't work). I can't even get rid of it. I'll probably end up using Breath of Fire, but is it...
  3. Tiber

    Problem with illusions and a crash

    I made an Illusionist hero. As you may have guessed he's focused on illusions and confusing the enemy. I have this spell which creates an orb which travels forward, like Shockwave (but based on Breath of Fire). If the orb touches a unit an illusion is created via dummy unit and Wand of Illusion...
  4. Tiber

    Is there a way?

    I'm trying to do a map where casting speed is important. Is there a way to quicken casting speed through stats, skills or anything else?