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  1. Darthfett

    What happened to our news portal page?

    What happened to our front page with the news? Now it takes me to a listing of all the forums. Also, the "The Helper News" page is down, despite being linked in the side navigation.
  2. Darthfett

    Google Calendar screwing with all-day events?

    Hello, so I've made many all day events, and Google Calendar is constantly messing them up. For example, I made an all-day event this Thursday, which somehow got moved to 10pm-10pm (always this exact time) on Wednesday (always the day before). I have 2 other events that had this same problem...
  3. Darthfett

    Back button in Gmail causes Google Chrome to crash

    Hello, I usually use Chrome for my normal browsing, and I found a problem that happens all the time in Chrome. Whenever I open up a message in Gmail, use the back button, and try to open up a different message, Google Chrome crashes to the "Aw, Snap!" page. It is quite often, but I can only...
  4. Darthfett

    What is this cool Desktop Mod?

    Hey guys, I found this picture somewhere (I can't really remember), but I wish I knew what mod it is that has the time, temp, etc. listed like it does in this image: Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have the background separately. :)
  5. Darthfett

    Epic Rap Battles of History

    I'm surprised no one has posted these. They're pretty epic. :D John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly Darth Vader vs Hitler Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris Sarah Palin vs Lady...
  6. Darthfett

    Ubuntu - No gnome-panels, no right-click, no internet, no hotkeys

    Hey guys, I've been using Ubuntu (Maverick 10.10) on my desktop (ATI Radeon 5830) for about 3 weeks now, but all of a sudden I am unable to even use my computer. As soon as I start up, I see my desktop, with icons, but I don't see any gnome-panels, and I'm unable to get any options if I...
  7. Darthfett

    Our first album: The Burning Awesome - Crunchy Beats and Techno Treats

    Hey guys!! After a very long wait (exactly one year from our planned PI Day release), my band The Burning Awesome has finally released our first album, Crunchy Beats and Techno Treats! :D It's available on Band Camp, name your price (free is okay too!). Yes, we would absolutely love your...
  8. Darthfett

    Trying Ubuntu

    I've had Ubuntu dual-booted on my desktop and laptop for a couple months or so (longer for just my laptop), but for some reason I've been more inclined to choose Windows 7 over Ubuntu each time. In order to try and actually use linux (since I've wanted to for so long), I'm going to try coming...
  9. Darthfett

    It's about time I post some

    Hey guys, I haven't really been active in posting some of my music lately. Mostly, it's because I've been trying to get some more work done on The Burning Awesome (the band I'm in, we've almost finished the first album). It's a bit unfair to you guys, so I'll post my recent compositions from...
  10. Darthfett

    Google Scribe

    Google now has auto-complete for your every-day speech. It's pretty neat just how well it can predict what you're going to say. I thought it was pretty funny that it figured out "how much wood would a woodchuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood." from the...
  11. Darthfett

    LaTeX parser?

    Hey guys. I used to use Google Docs in order to take my math notes, as they had the built in equation editor. Because I used to take so many notes, I became basically fluent in the language they use, which I found to be LaTeX. However, coming back to college, I tried to use the equation...
  12. Darthfett

    TheHelper rendering problem, everything white

    Here's a picture to show you what I'm talking about: I'm basically having a problem with the way TH is being rendered in Chrome (and I've tried regular chrome, along with the Beta of Chrome to no avail). Firefox does not have this problem, and I've disabled Adblock on TH. Any ideas on...
  13. Darthfett

    [Image Heavy] Post a background!

    Related to the Post your desktop! thread, I decided it might be nicer to have a thread dedicated to adding desktop backgrounds, so that people can find some for themselves. Rules: Since this is an image heavy thread, try not to post too many backgrounds in a single post. Let's say around...
  14. Darthfett

    [Python] Having difficulty working with packages

    I'm using pydev in eclipse, but I'm having trouble getting files and code to run in the order I want them to. Basically, runs starts the code, and is supposed to create a 'Game'. Game essentially is supposed to create an 'Entity', so I want it to require Entity. Entity...
  15. Darthfett

    A Friend needs a logo designed

    Hey guys, I just happen to have a friend who's starting a business. Right now he's trying to get a logo designed, and is paying $200.00 for the rights to the logo. Here's the proposal: There's just under a week...
  16. Darthfett

    Solid Composer

    Hello, musicians and friends! I happen to have a friend who is a programmer as well as a musician. If you know me, you know that I sometimes enter into composition competitions (known as "music-off's" or "compo's"). Previously, myself along with a few friends used to enter into these...
  17. Darthfett

    Getting random BSODs for the past few months

    So I recently (within the last 4 months) upgraded my computer, getting a new mobo, processor, RAM, and Graphics card. Originally I was having problems with random shutdowns (occasionally being a BSOD), which I thought to be related to overheating problems (as the processor was getting within...
  18. Darthfett

    Preview Features of the Editor

    Hey guys, I've been a little quiet about it, but I've had a beta key for a while. I haven't really gotten into the game itself (but then again I never was all that great at RTS games), but I've been having a bit of fun exploring the editor. There are a few things that seem to be not fully...
  19. Darthfett

    [C++] Programming a 'Magnifier'

    Hey guys. I have a friend (around my age) who has basically said that the business he's working for is looking to hire someone to write a program for them (probably over the summer). Specifically, for the project he is working on. Essentially, the program is a 'Magnifier' program, just...
  20. Darthfett

    Getting Random BSoDs

    Hey guys, I recently bought a new Motherboard, Processor, and RAM for my computer, but now I'm having a lot of problems with Blue Screens of Death. Here's my specs: Recent upgrade: MOBO: Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black (AM3 processor) RAM: OCZ 4GB DDR3 1600 (2...