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  1. azareus

    General Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, has died

    Unix mentor and creator of the C programming language, Dennis Ritchie, reportedly died on 8 October at the age of 70 after a long but unspecified illness. Ritchie's influence on the today's computing world could accurately be described an incalculable. Born in New York in 1941, Ritchie was from...
  2. azareus

    First try with vectors

    So I tried using Inkscape for actual vector art and not just random stuff and this is what I ended up with: Please comment and give constructive critism. Thank you.
  3. azareus

    Screen problems

    I have been having a problem with my new computer, as I very often (1-2 times a day) get BSOD's and around 20 times a day, the screen begins lagging and then goes black for 2-5 seconds, then gets normal again. (There is also a few varities, where various other stuff happen, like only making...
  4. azareus

    Need hero ideas!

    I need some hero ideas for my map. The map is a hero arena. It's based on the four elements. (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) The players is split up in 4 teams. I need 10 heroes per team. I don't want any DotA heroes. The heroes should not have overpowered abilities like blink or "armor...