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  1. shinami

    A couple of questions regarding abillities and buffs.

    So say i want to make an ability based of of critical strike. I want it to, ofcourse, hit critically but also have a stackable slow/damage over time. So i just thought I'd add a buff like say cold arrows just to see if it works. And this got me confused. How do i change how much does that buff...
  2. shinami

    How to make triggers/triggered spells MPI?

    Well i tried looking/searching the forums, all i could find is stuff about making triggers MUI or just scraps of how to make a trigger MPI. So far as i understand you have to separate the variables used for each player? I know that i need to use arrays in order to make something MPI, but can...
  3. shinami

    Question about MUI'ness

    Well maybe the thread title was a bit incorrect, this isn't exactly about MUI as it is about the opposite if MUI. Well i know what MUI is and what it allows, but let's get to the point. What i can't understand is when for example a spell is NOT MUI. Say we have two abilities, both of them...
  4. shinami

    Each teams creep movement in an AOS?

    How is it best in an AOS to make the creep movements from one base to the other? Like when they spawn, they move through they're lane, which method is the best, to avoid bugs and other things? By methods i mean like using regions. It looked the simplest way to me, creating regions and...
  5. shinami

    Is it possible to make the unbuildable tiles buildable?

    Like the thread name stated, is it possible to do that ( even if it requires editing the tile with some sort of program ) ? Like all most ( or all ) brick tiles in wc3 are unbuildable, and it's kind of annoying, since i want to use those bricks. Speaking of tiles, even tho this is not related...
  6. shinami

    How to detect when a unit is in another units sight range?

    This just came up in my mind. How to detect when a unit is in someones sight range? I'm betting that still doesn't explain much.. Basically what i want with this is say a computer controlled enemy unit is patrolling and while patrolling it comes across the enemy camp/base. So i want to know...
  7. shinami

    Need suggestions for a spell special effect/model

    O.k i decided to mess around the editor again and i can barely find anything i need. So straight to the point. I have this spell, called Water Barrier. Basicly what it has to do is create a blob of water, and if any allies are inside that blob of water, they got + armor or immunity to...
  8. shinami

    What Type Are You? MBTI

    Hello, i recently found this character test The Test and to my surprise unlike most other such tests it described my character almost 100% accurately. So i just wanted some of you to take this test and post or vote your type in the poll. I want this just cause I'm interested. If you vote...
  9. shinami

    Create weather effect trigger not working

    Hello, I'm getting into WE again and here's a simple problem I've come into. Snow Events Time - Every 10.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Environment - Turn (Last created weather effect) Off Wait 2.00 seconds Environment - Create...
  10. shinami

    An electric guitar for a beginner?

    I've always loved the sound of an electric guitar, and now I've decided to get one and start learning it. I want someones expertise on what electric guitar should i get for a beginner ( beginner as in never even held a guitar in my hands ) for around ~300-350$ .. I like guitars which have a more...
  11. shinami

    Fable like Fireball spell creation help.

    Anyone who's played Fable/Fable TLC will know what I'm talking about, anyway. I need help creating a spell, yet i don't have any good ideas how to achieve this effect. Now this is a fireball, kind of regular, like a storm bolt. The main difference is, that i want it to be like in fable, the...
  12. shinami

    Which Skill Learning/Type Would You Prefer?

    So as simple as the above states, here are several options, of Skill Learning with Skill Types If you vote, please do post as to why you chose that option. ( Note: These types are for a RPG type map ) Option 1. You buy an Item from a shop which grants you a skill. Example: You buy a Chain...
  13. shinami

    Some annoying problems with a spell

    So here are the 3 triggers with a spell that are making me confused. Illusion cast Events Unit - A unit Begins channeling an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to (==) Illusions Actions Set TriggeringUnit = (Triggering unit) Set...
  14. shinami

    Spell tigger not working

    Haven't done any triggering in a while so now i'm confused to why this spell trigger isint working. Its a channeling ability that is supposed to create illusion of you every 0.5 second draining 200 mana. Illusions Events Unit - A unit Begins channeling an ability Conditions...
  15. shinami

    How to detect when you end channeling?

    Like the above states. How to detect when a unit end channeling? By moving or something like that? What i want is a channeling ability that would create a mirror image near you every 0.5 sec and for each image it would cost 100 mana. So the only thing i don't know how to do is to check when he...
  16. shinami

    Pitch Angle Through Triggers

    I want to make a trigger that would change a units ( dummy ones ) pitch angle by an x amount every second. Is there a possible way to change the pitch angle through triggers? I want to make him kind of a spinning effect. +rep for any decent answers.
  17. shinami

    Strange Newgen Problem

    K, so i formated my pc recently and i installed wc3. Then i installed newgen did all the stuff to make it work on 1.22. Launched it. Activated UMSWE. Restarted. Then when i try to set the map size W:480 H:480, either H or W gets automaticly set to 128. Anyone knows what might be the problem...
  18. shinami

    Spell that doesn't interrupt movement?

    How can i make a spell, point targeted, that wouldn't interrupt movement. Example: The hero is running from point A to point B. Point C is the point between point A and B. At point C the hero decides to shoot at a random point in anywhere. I want it so that he would shoot, and he would...
  19. shinami

    How to make a "link" ability

    This is the ability i want to do. Link Healing - Links to the target unit with SomeLightningEffect and heals him for x. If the healing unit or the healer is further than 500 range, the link will brake. The healing part is not hard, the link is what i have no idea how to do, and the link...
  20. shinami

    Item prices = int

    How can i make so that.. Well here's an example. There is a "shop" ( skill shop ) named Fire mage. He sells spells as items ( buy an item, you get a spell ) How can i make it so that example the hero could only buy breath of fire if he has x amount of inteligence?