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  1. Lord

    Campaign Dreamlord - Alter Way Chronicles - 722

    Hi everyone! I'd like to announce 722, a Silent Hillish 'expansion' of Dreamlord III. Originally I was planning to release it as a new chapter in Alter Way Chronicles, but that campaign is big enough already. This new project contains a lot of new stuff as the story takes place in a different...
  2. Lord

    Campaign Dreamlord - Alter Way Chronicles

    Put your hands up in the air and cheer, coz the third episode of the Dreamlord series has risen from its ashes! =) PROJECT INFORMATION Game Type: Adventure Maximum Players: 1 Difficulty: Moderate Average Game Time: about 210 minutes File Size: 26 Mb Version: 1.0 Download Link: Dreamlord -...
  3. Lord

    Campaign Dreamlord II

    Dreamlord Episode II. 29th century - Earth The world has changed. War corrupted the lands of humanity. The last remaining option of survival, is to find other places where peaceful or rich people can live in harmony without fear. A company named AWT owns the keys of a dimension, where new...
  4. Lord

    Arena Dreamlord - Alter Way Droid Training

    Dreamlord Alter Way Droid Training 2420 - A company named Alter Way found a dimension gate at Carrowmore. 2423 - AW begins researches; soon renames itself to AWT (Alter Way Technologies). 2581 - The fifth World War; AWT develops new super weapons for GB --> Germany, Denmark disappears. 2618...
  5. Lord

    Third_Person_Camera_Lock/Cinematic Problems

    I've got a very strange problem with my cinematic events when I use tpc cam system. The trigs are pretty simple: TPC Camera Events Time - Every 0.01 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Camera - Apply [my camera] for Player 1 (Red) over 0.65 seconds...
  6. Lord

    Campaign Dreamlord

    Dreamlord - Episode I. Dreamlord Episode I. 12th century - Ireland Shane Scarlight, a lonely but pretty wealthy young man decides to take some rest on a chair few meters from his house. The view is spectacular, the wind blows lightly, and the only thing that interrupts the total quietness is...
  7. Lord

    SL Deteriorated - The First Stage

    Hey all, it's me again! I made this thread to present you my latest project: The First Stage. This is a surviving style map where you have to defend a building called The Core. In almost every 2-3 minutes a large group of enemies spawns, and attacks the base. As I said your objective is to...
  8. Lord

    Unit Group Variable Problem

    Oookay. I have a unit group, and at the initialization I add 5 units to it. Every player has 1 unit of these (1 unit/player). Later if a player leaves I have a trig that removes the unit controlled by leaver player from the unit group, and then from the game. The thing is, when something happens...
  9. Lord

    3rd Person Camera Help - How to Reset Camera?

    Everyone needs help sometimes, and I'm a Unit of Group - Everyone. Well, my problem is this: Periodic Adjustment Events Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set...
  10. Lord

    Hero Leak Thingy

    Will it leak if I buy a hero, then I kill him, and I repeat this process bout 500 times? :nuts:
  11. Lord

    Changing Textures

    Hey mates! Is it possible to change a model's texture in-game by using WE trigs or JASS?
  12. Lord

    SL Deteriorated - Survivors

    Hey again! I've started to work on a new project. This time it's a multiplayer scenario for guys who have Internet and wanna play something different than DotA or things. If you like Silent Hill and Resident Evil style horror games, then give it a try. Title: SL Deteriorated - Survivors...
  13. Lord

    The Sunwood Legend - Deteriorated

    Hey guys! ;) Well, I'm back again. For those who don't know me: I'm that noob WE mapper who made a campaign named "Heroes of Light" (title chaged//original was too long :F ). Dudes here told me it was horrible, and I admit: it was horrible. :cool: Np np I'm here to present you the demo...
  14. Lord

    Patch 1.21A?

    The new patch has been released. Any comments?
  15. Lord


    Heya! I wanna disable a unit's footprints, but I don't know how to do that... :( Can you help me? Thx
  16. Lord

    Decision System help!

    Ello all! I need some help in making my 'decision system'. Basically it's a choose what you wanna do thingy. I used dialogs to show you your choices, but I dunno why when I make the second (lets call them 'decision tables') decision table the first one becomes buggy (can't see the choices...
  17. Lord

    Error - Need Help!

    function Trig_Cd21_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean if ( not ( GetClickedButtonBJ() == udg_Decision2button[1] ) ) then return false endif return true endfunction function Trig_Cd21_Actions takes nothing returns nothing call DisableTrigger( gg_trg_Xtra )...
  18. Lord

    The Sunwood Legend - Heroes of the Light

    Heya dudes! Sorry bout it guys, but I needed a new thread for my first 'complex' campaign. I've finished my TSL1 project! *cheers* It still has some bugs (music don't stop, demons don't disappear sometimes, etc. :( ), but it's not too bad I think... Here's my webpage where you can download...
  19. Lord

    My [don't know the title yet] project

    Hey dudes! I've made a campaign (with one map inside of it), and I don't know if it is good, or dumb. I need your opinions friends! Please download it. It's pretty 5 Mbs file coz of the music...I've tryed to decrease its size, but 3.3 Mbs is the minimum :( . The original size was 5.5 Mbs so...
  20. Lord

    WoW-like resurrection sickness (was: Battle of Tirisfal Glades)

    Greetings mortals! BEHOLD! I am Lord, a war3tft mapper and a noob DotA player. Sorry, just tryin' to be a lil funny, coz I'm a funny goy I think...nvm ( :nuts: ) The first thing I want to say is: this site is more than amazing. I need your help buddies. I'm working on a project called...