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    Convert Unit-Type to String problem

    Hey guys... ive got a problem i cant solve myself. for my item restriction system i need to save unit types in a hashtable. the problem is that you cant save unit types directly so i used 'convert unit-type to string' and save the string. now after several hours of triggering, testing &...
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    Help with a zinc coded spell

    hey guys... im trying to implement this spell in my map and i changed the damage line to the following one: I2R(GetHeroStatBJ(bj_HEROSTAT_AGI, GetTriggerUnit(), true)) the problem is that the spell performs really nice but doesnt do any my question is whether i have to change the...
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    Hey guys... i need your help... i need tipps and tricks or maybe programms helping to balance units/heroes. It doesnt have to be perfect but it has to be average balanced. hope you can help me :D thanks in advance greetz happy
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    custom human inventory cover

    nevermind got it ^^
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    How far are you?

    Hey guys... i just wanna know how far you guys are... i'm at the skeleton king at difficulty nightmare at the moment and i have to say nightmare is a real nightmare. :D its so much harder than normal that i really have many problems to kill normal units^^ so how far are you? greetz...
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    arena system dont work like it should...

    Hey guys... like i already said in another thread here i have a problem with my arena system. the problems are listed below the triggers. Here are the triggers: arena timer and timer window Events Unit - A unit enters first hero spawn <gen> Conditions Actions...
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    what could cause this?

    hey guys... easy question, hard answer. What could cause even the easiest trigger to stop working anymore? the fact is this : i made an working revival system which was about 10 lines nothing special...after a while it stopped working without any changes on the trigger. and...
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    why this trigger doesnt revive the hero ? Oo

    SOLVED hey guys... i made the following trigger to revive dying heroes but although it shows the test textes it doesnt revive the hero Oo heres the trigger : revival Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to (==) True Actions...
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    expirienced triggerer searched

    hey guys... i need help of an expirienced triggerer. I made an arena system and it doesnt work like it should. Now after hours of changing,testing & new triggering i wanna get help of an expirienced triggerer to help me. its really difficult to read because of many changes and its base idea of...
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    Searching for testers

    Hey guys... I need testers for my map Hell vs. Heaven Elements of War... send a PM to me why you should be one of the first ones testing m map^^ the ones with the best reasons will get my map.
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    why this trigger bugs sometimes?

    hey guys... i found a problem in one of my triggers. it should revive every dead hero after an arena fight but it sometime dont revive one hero (and its not the its not just player 1's hero it could also be player 7's or player 9's) Oo this is the trigger part reviving the...
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    Thoughts of the Open Beta

    Now the Open Beta is closed again how you felt playing D3? How many chars you tested? Was D3 like you thought it to be? Are you missing something? Was is better than the glorious D2? ;) Was the Beta long enough (max killing the Skeleton King)? Did you tried Hardcore chars? Was is hard...
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    anyone has any idea why this trigger just works sometimes?

    hey all... i made the following trigger but it works just sometimes : respawn Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions Multiple ConditionsOr - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Owner of (Triggering unit)) Equal to (==) Player 1...
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    What type of map you would be more intrested in?

    Hey guys.... currently im working on 2 types of maps and i wanna finish just one of them because its too much work too finish both at the same time... so and i wanna ask you what map is it more worth to be finished... here are short discriptions of the maps: Mysterious Island...
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    Which char you will prolly start with? And why?

    Hey D3 Freaks out there :D now that we have a release date *can't wait for it :D:D:D* im intrested in which char you like the most and will prolly start with and why ^.^ for me its either the barbarian or the wizard ill start with....i dont really know ^^ both seem great xD the barbarian...
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    [Loadingscreen Picture Request] Evolution

    hey guys... i need you to work for me again :D I need you to make a picture for me like this : - size : 1024x768 - on the left side, top to bottom a DNA profile - from the bottom left corner (on the right of the DNA profile) to the right something that evolves (attacking while that) - on the...
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    Spell Idea Request

    Hey guys... im working on an ORPG and the last thing to do is spells....the problem is that i have no ideas. :( i need spell ideas for the following classes : Tank (HP-reg Tank & Defense Tank ) Smasher (Stunner class) Melee Fighter (Critter, Fast Attacker , Strong Attacker) Healing & Buffer...
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    ideas for quest types

    hey helpers :D i need your fantasy ^^ im making an ORPG like twilights eve and i need more quest types than kill X of these, find Y (e.g. a certain building), collect 8 of Z or kill X of Y in a row. now i want you to think of quest types. the quest have to be doable up to 10 times at...
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    Model site request

    hey all... for my ORPG im making at the moment i need several models and i wanna try to find them and not request to make them so i need sites with good models. at the moment im using hiveworkshop and a russion model site. but i need more. so i ask you to post the models sites you know :D...
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    [Request] Twilights Eve Dungeon Unit Respawn System

    nvm solved it ^^