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    Multiboard question

    Hey guys, I am trying to create multiple multiboards, so each player has their own multiboard and can't see the others. I am having trouble finding out how to only show a specific multiboard to a specific player. Is there a way I can make it so each player only has their own multiboard which...
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    Leaderboard problems

    Hey guys, I am trying to make individual leaderboards for each player with varius "stats" displayed for their own personal viewing but the problem I am having is I can't add more than one "stat" to the leaderboard without them cancelling each other out and displaying nothing. Here are my...
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    Undead's auto build

    Hey guys, I was wondering how do you turn off the undeads auto build? If you don't understand what I mean by auto build it's where the builder places the building then can walk away and the building can still keep building itself.
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    custom unit into a gate

    For some reason when I try to make a gate for my map every time I click the open button (from the open/close ability) it just opens the gate and it dies, Do i need to use a trigger to get it to work? also im having trouble making the vertical gate as in the model file both horizontal and...
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    Limiting unit amount

    Hey guys, What I want is to limit the amount of units a player can have while not including specific types of units such as builders and civilians, The limit I am wanting is 1000 so can't use the food limit as I can only get that to be 300. if you don't understand what I want just please ask...
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    Map Protection

    I will start by making it clear that I want map protection and not deprotection. What in people's opinion is a good way of protecting a map from others accessing it, I am aware that there is no way of 100% protecting a map but I would like to make it so people won't see it worth the effort...
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    changing team trigger help

    Ok guys I will try be as clear as I can. What I want is, when the unit "king" dies, that triggering player changes to team 2 and gets 2 builders spawned at a certain location they are also allied with every other player in team 2 and all of team 2 are allied with them. Keep in mind the...
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    ally/unally triggers

    Hey everyone, what I want is fairly simple, just that when players type -ally red they are allied to red, I know a long way of putting this in place but I was just hoping one of you know a faster way of doing it without me having to do tons of triggers ^^ clear example: player 1 types...
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    Countdown Timer

    Hey everyone, if anyone could show me how to create a timer window and a timer that has a 5 minute timer on it and when this timer expires a gate is removed that would help loads. see below for an example: Game starts A timer window shows for all players 5 minute countdown on the...
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    Visibility Triggers

    I have made it so when a unit enters a specific region, they gain control of a circle of power and get full vision of that base, but I am having difficulty triggering it so when they lose control of that circle they also lose vision of the base, I have tried using "Visibility - Disable (last...
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    Village builder income trigger help

    I am making my own ver of village builder but I am having trouble getting the income triggers right. The way it worked was you created a specific unit and when it was created you got gold 4 every 30 seconds, you could create mass amounts of these units and end up getting gold every second...