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    [ASK] Spawning Building complete with the sold item by using GUI trigger ???

    any one know how to spawning building by using GUI trigger ??? I have Tried it and it succes spawn the building like arcane vault but the problem is the item that sold in that arcane vault didnt appear , so that unable someone to buying an item. What i want asking is how to spawning the...
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    [ASK] How to make a skill that able to hit magic immunity monster

    how to make any skill (example : phoenix Fire ) that able to hit a monster that have a magic immunity ability or ancient type unit and structure like building ?? i have change that skill From " Stats -Target Allowed : Air , Ground , Enemy To stats - Target allowed : Air , Ground , enemy ...
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    How to Open a Map that exceed 8 MB di World editor ??? Read carefully first !

    Hmm... i got some deprotected Map and i want open in World editor to learn the trigger but the map is exceed 8MB ( the size map about 9MB ). What i know is the World editor only support to able to open any map that below 8 MB. So my question is How to Open a Deprotected Map i got that exceed...
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    How to open a deprotected map in World editor that exceed 8MB

    How to open a deprotected map in World editor that exceed 8MB <<< any one can help me ???
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    [ASK]increasing and decreasing allstat per hit

    I want to ask how to make when we acquire a special item (example : claw of attack ) with that item when we attack our hero stat + 1000 per hit so every times the hero with special item attack any kind of enemis ( not include building/building is immune ) the allstat of hero will increase...
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    Whats wrong with this trigger ??

    this trigger is made for cast autofrostnova when attacking(you can see in the "Testz" map ) !!! In the "Testz" Map , when i attack the monster it will cast autofrostnova and nothing wrong but when i move the autofrostnova trigger to "X hero F-day 4.9" it become error because sometime when i...
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    [ASK] how to earn gold depends on hero damage ??

    1.i want to ask how make a trigger that make we earn gold every time attack but the amount gold we earn is based on hero damage ( if our hero damage 1000 then we will get 1000 gold every attack , so the amount of gold we earn will always equal to our damage ) ??? 2. how to make a trigger...
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    i hope any one can help me since i am a newbie

    i only can hope in this forum some one can answer my question. i have 2 question : about floating Text is clear now !!! now only 1 problem left : 2.I make a frost nova (neutralhostile) in to item ability and put it in to an item and when it attack ( must use right mouse to click the enemy )...