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  1. duderock101

    World North Korea confirms it has landed a man on the Sun

    This just in: North Korea has landed a man on the Sun. 17-year-old Hung Il Gong started his journey at 3am this morning, travelling alone, to reach our nearest star, a journey that took him just 4 hours. A North Korean central news anchorman said during a live broadcast: "We are very...
  2. duderock101

    Causing Unit Fear

    Hey guys, I've got a problem. I'm needing a unit to run away if they come to close to an object. Basically you can place down torches, and i was wanting any units owned by Player 12 to run away from these torches if they go near them. Any ideas?
  3. duderock101

    WIP 2 Player Co-Op Hunting Simulation

    Hunting Simulation 2 player co-op Introduction The plane taking you and a friend over the wilderness, to the nearest city, has crashed. The impact killed everyone on board, and completely wrecked the plane. Only you and your friend survived, and now must make your way across the great...
  4. duderock101

    Hunting Simulation Ideas!

    Hey guys, I got super bored today, and after watch some Adventure shizzle on TV I decided, what the hell, lets make a WC3 Hunting Simulation. Backstory is, its a free-roaming (perhaps 2 player Co-op (not sure yet :P )) game where you have to worry about multiple things. Those include: Food...
  5. duderock101

    Popularity of WC3 Maps

    Hey, I was thinking in my spare time (which I have a lot of at the moment) whether or not I should make a WC3 map like I did a long long time ago :P. However, I was thinking of what type of map i'd have it as. Such as a RPG, TD, Singleplayer Campaign. Eventually I came to the conclusion...
  6. duderock101

    Spell Ideas

    I'm creating a game where the players can choose to play as either Zombies or Humans. The humans have the choice to upgrade into different soldiers or become different units - thats already done. What i'm now looking at is the Undead. The undead players upgrade their unit to learn new...
  7. duderock101

    RPG Hunters: Legends of Alcaria

    Hunters: Legends of Alcaria Introduction There was once a time where peace covered the land of Alcaria due to the protection of a group called Hunters. These mighty warriors would seek to protect the poor against the evil that tried to invade their diverse land. However, time ravaged the once...
  8. duderock101

    [Open World] The Land of the Dead

    Where there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the Earth... Introduction The Land of the Dead takes place in the forests of Karth. 25 years after a deadly virus spread throughout the Human Lands, destroying all civilisations in its path. With only a few safe havens left in the...
  9. duderock101

    Would you be interested in Playing this type of map

    Would anybody be interested in a map that was of the Sandbox Genere. For people who don't know what that is, just think of Oblivion/Fallout 3. It's got a main story line and a bunch of side quests, but you can choose not to do them, role play, or just explore. I was thinking of creating this...
  10. duderock101

    Boss Fights - what would you like to see?

    I'm just in the process of finishing off my 2 Player Co-op RPG game and the last LAST thing i need to do is create a epic boss fight at the end of the game and smaller Fixed Raid bosses. There are only 2 players so 2 heroes! Thats why i'm asking you guys for ideas. What would you like to see...
  11. duderock101

    1 Hero Idea for a Heroic figure for a nation

    I'm needing to create 1 hero for my new upcoming game (The Tidings of War) with which 2 players try to take over the entire world, against armies. Now the 2nd Player controls an extremely strong hero. I'm trying to encourage the Player to always have the Hero with Player 1's army through...
  12. duderock101

    Other The Tiding of War

    The Tiding of War Download Here: Introduction The Tiding of War is a 2 player Co-Op RPG/RTS/tactical. The game takes place on an epic sized map with 4 main factions controlling different parts of the world. You are a contender, a faction wanting to rise up and dominate the world stage...
  13. duderock101

    Minigame 2 Player Co-Op Survival

    Duderock101 and -OverpoweR- present 2 Player Co-Op Survival Trapped, terrified with a lack of weapons... You and a team-mate have been abandoned after your village was destroyed by undead creatures from the forest. You fled to the last defensable spot you know, however the Undead followed you...
  14. duderock101

    Removing items from neutral buildings not working

    Neutral Building - Remove Scout Suit Plans from Crafting Store 0023 <gen> I purchase the item, the trigger runs (because it has a message that appears in the same trigger) yet the item is not removed from the building i purchased it from. The building does have the ability 'Sell items' so it...
  15. duderock101

    The Time it takes for an entire day

    I was just wondering, does anyone actually know how long it takes in actual seconds for a normal War craft 3 day to take place at 100% normal speed?
  16. duderock101

    Speeding up World Editor

    I'm still working on my map which is 2.07 MB, has loads of custom units, models and spells - and i'm finding the lagg that i have to endure everytime i want to select a unit/doodad for a trigger annoying. Is there anyway to either remove or reduce this lagg? I'm using newgen if that helps.
  17. duderock101

    Small, fun quest ideas

    Does anybody here have any quest ideas. I'm just looking for small, interesting and Unique quests. They don't have to take long to do, I just need loads! Remember, they must be Unique, so no pointless kill quests, i dont care how long it takes me to trigger it, just gimme the ideas.
  18. duderock101

    Allowing a unit to cast spells while not being able to be moved

    I'm wanting to have 1 player controlling a units movement, and another player controlling spells which can be fired from that unit. So, in a nut shell, im confused about how I can make a unit only be allowed to move by one unit, but not by the other while the other can fire spells, while the...
  19. duderock101

    WIP 2 Player Co-Op RPG

    2 Player Co-Op RPG Download You'll need to download from this link - as the map exceeds the forums limit. Introduction Darkness has been expelled from the land for many generations, but the portal in the Capital City...
  20. duderock101

    Problem with this Spell Trigger (Easy problem)

    I know the answer is going to be obviouse, but i'm too tired to see it ^^. Mark of Death Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Dying unit) has buff Mark of Death (Level 1)) Equal to True Actions Special Effect - Create a special effect at (Position...