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  1. Jimpy

    Decompress/export all War3 (tFT) encoded audio files

    Is there a fast way to decompress all war3 audio files at once, through world edit or other tool, into mp3s, preferably preserving the folder organization? I'm aware world edit can do it one at a time, but that route simply isn't time convenient.
  2. Jimpy

    Vermillion Pleasure House: Cathy's House

    Basically a Japanese equivalent to adult-swim and skit shows. This is just a small part of an episode. In an odd way its very artistic. 6HFw8TNexyU
  3. Jimpy

    How to Make Whipping Towel

    This setup with a good sized towel will welt/bruise and cut, so don't hit your little sister. Try it on a pumpkin or something deserving.
  4. Jimpy

    MtG: WIP Red Burn-Control Deck

    Here is a MtG deck I have, I'd like criticism/suggestions. I've supplied all necessary info. Help me optimize the deck. <3 Goal: Make a near creature-less red burn/control deck for multiplayer games (3-6 players) that can consistently and reliably lock down enemy players and have a reusable...
  5. Jimpy

    MSN News Fail

    I think most of us are in general agreement that MSN news is pretty awful. Basically some one made a questionable layout choice that insinuates child rape in a rather comedic fashion so they had to edit it. But I caught it in form of screen shots. Top is after, bottom is before the edit...
  6. Jimpy

    Nature-Poster-Album-Art WIP Dealy

    Potential album art for album I'm working, also its in 4:3 aspect ratio so would function as a desktop (when I make it an appropriate size and turn it). I intend on printing the finished product off at full size assuming everything goes smoothly. Here's a minimized .jpg of my current progress...
  7. Jimpy

    (Flash) - Robot Unicorn Attack

    A game much like Canabalt with a much more visualy pleasing interface, and humorous setup brought to us by Adult Swim. Robot Unicorn Attack Music is by Erasure. My score:
  8. Jimpy

    Beta 7 to Registered "Full" 7 - without having to reinstall programs

    I'm currently on Beta 7, my 'trial' time cacks out on March 1st. I have the Windows 7 ultimate CD (32bit) and the registry code. When I go into Control Panel, System, at the bottom is a section called Windows Activation. It shows that I am activated, and my current registry code. Next to that...
  9. Jimpy

    Losing Faith in Hiphop.

    Please play these videos at the same time for mega guffaws. Replay goat video as required. iTRS6FJkJFUVgAXZHMi_ws My faith in rap, hiphop and RnB is dwindling.
  10. Jimpy

    Facebook Application Finds a Pinch of My Music

    Which while the title is suggestive I may be getting some exposure, this is what I'm seeing: Basically I was looking at a friends page, noticed this music tab, and figured I'd check if it lets you upload things since I do music stuff and that would be nifty. So while I'm just looking over it...
  11. Jimpy

    When Meg Met Micheal

    A remixed song of Meg Ryan and Micheal Cain from When Harry Met Sally (1989) fWmZeuKgbR0 And I don't blink. And I just keep on keep on keep on going.
  12. Jimpy

    Cat Swimming Academy

    MT20ZjyEmg4 Unsure if this is old or new, but its funny.
  13. Jimpy

    Female Sketch/Airbrush Shading

    My sister got autodesk sketch book pro. Its very sketchy pro. So heres a woman I drew. She looks pretty A-Oh-Kay. I find lips really hard. :(
  14. Jimpy

    "Project Rogue"

    A piece I've done. Go go stretching the page POWERRRR. Comments, questions, criticisms would be nice. Guess who's been playing Dead Space lately. :rolleyes:
  15. Jimpy

    Shake Weight - Hard to beleive its serious

    This is a legitimate company advertising their exercise tool. For Women! (Suggestive!) 4S3C4AC908w For Men! (Good lord...) HpXPCJUC2Kw College Humor - Masters bluntness. Dubbed Version Oh boy.
  16. Jimpy

    Eye by Eye

    May recognize this from somewhere - done in paint, enlarged by eye, drawn by hand. Took 10minutes.
  17. Jimpy

    Not Barack

    A collage.
  18. Jimpy

    Health 1st swine flu-related deaths reported in Ottawa

    Two people who were being treated for swine flu at Ottawa hospitals have died, city officials said Tuesday. The deaths are the first related to the swine flu virus reported in the Ottawa area. The current strain of H1N1 influenza A virus has been circulating in several countries since it first...
  19. Jimpy


    Best video ever made - this aired. mDu351QNoZE Also questionably the best song too.
  20. Jimpy

    Jimpy's Index of Music

    I produce far too much to keep an up to date posting of it all. Edited to purge.