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  1. Rapmaster

    Crime Occupy!

    Occupy Wall Street made some sense. Occupy the street where all the crap is going down and let them know the people are watching, I get that. But "occupying" random parks and staying overnight? What's the point!? Even on Wall Street they should go home at night because there's nobody to see...
  2. Rapmaster

    Buying an External HDD - Any Tips Welcomed!

    If you want speed, go for one of the solid state disks (SSD) that are out now. Not really worth it for just archiving stuff on an external disk but good for stuff you will commonly be accessing.
  3. Rapmaster

    TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

    Ya I think I was about 17 back when I started with the name. By then I had been doing hobby-programming on Apple II and 286s (and on) for 5-7 years. This was a time when people used computers as offline tools! Most multiplayer games were modem-to-modem. Starcraft gave me a reason to go online...
  4. Rapmaster

    Admin rights in windows 7

    It wasn't really something that was broken, but it's up to you I guess. Some system folders are protected against being modified except by the TrustedInstaller service (used by official Microsoft hotfixes and service packs), in order to prevent users from installing malware or viruses that...
  5. Rapmaster

    Download Windows 7 Legitimately?

    Your product key might only work with an OEM copy of Windows tied to your computer's manufacturer. The recovery image on the hard drive is separate from the OS partition so it should be useable. Some manufacturers make you pay extra for a recovery disc or an actual Windows disc now.
  6. Rapmaster

    Left-turn Accident, advice please?

    Even if you have the video, what's next? Did the officer actually give you a ticket for something? Are you actually being sued or is this just for your and his insurance company to figure out?
  7. Rapmaster

    US News Man Streaks in Front of Obama for $1 Million

    Hopefully the cops have a sense of humor, but this kind of thing can actually be a distraction to the President's security. Technically paying someone else to commit a crime is itself a crime so this rich guy might find himself in a bit of trouble.
  8. Rapmaster

    Gaming No more All Points Bulletin

    I was really interested in it until I saw the screenshots of the final product. Was hoping it would be more of a PoliceQuest style MMO Seems to be some rumours today that Epic might buy it out and keep it going
  9. Rapmaster

    what should i think off when buying laptop from another country?

    You might have to pay duty to import it into your country... you'd have to check with your government's Customs
  10. Rapmaster

    Priorizing RAM for a program?

    In XP you can try this (applies in Vista/Windows 7 too for CPU control, but you can't control memory... those versions supposedly have much better memory management on their own) - but it's really intended for servers. Not sure if alt-tabbed out apps...
  11. Rapmaster

    Dl wc

    you have to make a new account on website If you already play WoW or the SC2 beta then you already have one of these accounts. Otherwise, make one.
  12. Rapmaster

    Updating DirectX?

    Direct X 11 comes with Windows 7 and you can add it to Vista with an update that was release after Vista SP2 - but you already seem to have it so I'm not sure what your question was
  13. Rapmaster

    word 2007

    There's also this (not sure if its available for your country)
  14. Rapmaster

    SC3 Galaxy Editor Guide

    We have a whole forum for it! (I'm moving your post there) is a good place to start.
  15. Rapmaster

    90% of Custom Games unplayable due to lag.

    the notice shows up on the logon screen
  16. Rapmaster

    Need help with french

    overall pretty good... mostly you have some issues with using the right verb tenses, masculin-feminin relationships (I mean in grammatic sense, in verbs!) and singular-plural. In other words the mistakes that everyone makes, even real French people. Sometimes you forgot the preposition...
  17. Rapmaster

    Blizzard account problem

    Maybe it's just the font, but it looks like you have a letter O where you should have 0 (zero) Canadian postal codes are letter-number-letter-number-letter-number :) (it looks like you have Canada selected as the country anyway)
  18. Rapmaster

    Online transactions

    You're probably more likely to have your credit card number stolen by a waiter at a restaurant. And most banks will reimburse you for transactions you didn't make, at least the first time it happens. But identity theft is real. Some banks let you create "one time use" credit card numbers that...
  19. Rapmaster

    "Perfect" building placement

    Reminds me of