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    Sci/Tech Canadian Pension Plan Buys 15% stake in Skype

    The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (manages the pension plan that all working Canadians pay into) is heading further out on the risk curve in search of higher returns, putting $300-million (U.S.) into the $1.9-billion purchase of a majority stake in Internet phone service Skype by a group...
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    Blizzard theme park design contest

    Might be interesting to any gaming fans with some art talent and imagination:
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    Health Long ring finger linked to increased confidence, risk taking and faster reaction

    A study has found that male stock traders whose ring fingers (the one between the little finger and the middle finger) are longer than their index fingers seem to do better at short-term trading. The relative size of the ring finger can indicate an increased sensitivity to testosterone, which...
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    [Sci/Tech] Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 released

    Microsoft released a beta of Internet Explorer 8 today. Although available to anyone with XP or Vista, it is aimed at web developers and designers. It promises better "standards" compliance, faster performance and increased security. The beta version also has a prominent button that...
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    [Health] Don't try to clean too deep inside your ears

    Daniel St-Pierre, 43, died last March 25 in Montreal after developing complications caused by a bacterial ear infection. The coroner concluded he had pierced his eardrum accidentally with a cotton swab, which allowed the infection to reach his brain. Read about it here and don't stick...
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    64-bit Vista on new system

    Haven't been keeping up to speed on this stuff... My new system's CPU is an INTEL QX6700 (2.66x4) ... looks like all these new CPUs are 64-bit nowadays. Therefore, what are people's thoughts about going with 64-bit Vista as opposed to 32-bit? Is 64-bit pretty solid nowadays (at least as...
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    Blizzard announces second expansion to WoW: The Wrath of The Lich King

    Level cap being raised to 80, the Northrend continent will be opened, new profession called "inscription" that boosts spell power and a new hero class called the Death Knight.
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    Internet Explorer 7 released

    Microsoft has finally released a replacement for IE6. A lot of work has gone in to cleaning up the interface and vastly improving security. Internet Explorer 7 has been in beta for several months now and has received some pretty solid reviews. And today, Microsoft released the final, complete...
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    Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1

    Microsoft is getting very close to finally releasing a replacement for IE6. A lot of work has gone in to cleaning up the interface and vastly improving security. Internet Explorer 7 has been in beta for several months now and has received some pretty solid reviews. And today, Microsoft...
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    Windows Vista Beta 2 released for public download

    Windows Vista Beta 2 has been available to official beta testers and MSDN customers for a few weeks now, but today Microsoft announced that it will be made available to an even wider audience. The Windows Vista Customer Preview Program makes a pre-release edition of Windows Vista Ultimate...
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    Microsoft announces Windows Vista

    Microsoft announced today that the next version of Windows will be released under the name "Windows Vista". This is the product that was being developed with the codename "Longhorn". They have also launched the official web site for the new release...
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    Four Infineon execs heading to jail on price-fixing charges

    Four Infineon executives will serve jail time after pleading guilty to being part of an "international conspiracy" to fix the price of computer memory, the US Department of Justice announced today. The four Infineon staffers were charged with participating in meetings to discuss the price of...
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    Microsoft Announces 2006 Target Date for Broad Availability Of Windows "Longhorn"

    Microsoft Corp. today announced it will target broad availability of the Windows® client operating system code-named "Longhorn" in 2006, and make key elements of the Windows WinFXTM developer platform in "Longhorn" available for Windows XP and Windows ServerTM 2003. "Longhorn" will deliver...
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    Blizzard job opportunity: Level designer
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    Blizzard to release art editor in upcoming 1.13 patch

    From Looks like some more fun tools for you map makers to learn about!
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    Memory testing utility from Microsoft

    Microsoft has released a tool that is useful for finding problems in physical RAM (caused by a defect or by a voltage problem) that can cause a lot of crashes in Windows. Another good one is
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    Testing connectivity to (tracert and ping will no longer work)

    Blizzard has begun blocking ICMP packets (used by the PING and TRACERT troubleshooting tools) on the servers. From March 12, 2002: servers no longer support the PING or TRACERT (traceroute) commands. This is due to abuse of these utilities in malicious...
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    I like to use the shuffle feature in winamp with bigass playlists, but it seems winamp3 will always start with the same first song before it starts to randomize. Annoying! Anyone know if it can be fixed or is it a bug?
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    Nvidia 41.09 drivers (beta, non WHQL) released

    Windows 2000/XP: Windows 9X/ME: Windows NT 4.0: (does anyone still use this???) For all Geforce and TNT based cards. Hopefully it will fix...