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  1. Grags_1977

    Is Reforged worth it?

    Title says it all really. I only found out that this thing existed yesterday (10/09/2020). I read a few reviews to find they are very negative, though they were aimed at the campaign. My love for Warcraft 3 was never the campaign but the World Editor. But I was unable to find much information...
  2. Grags_1977

    Easy question :)

    Hi, I'm trying to add this... If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Terrain type at (Point(x, y))) Equal to Underground - Grey Stones Then - Actions Destructible - Create a Line of Sight Blocker at (Point(x, y)) facing (Random angle) with...
  3. Grags_1977

    In range, Change to hostile.

    ok, I'm trying to make my Hostile units Passive until a player gets too close. So far i've not been able to figure out a decent way to do this without doing a trigger for every single hostile unit in the map. Any ideas? EDIT: Example Blah Events Unit - A unit comes within...
  4. Grags_1977

    Probably a simple question. RichTextBox VB.Net 2005

    How do I do this Example programatically?, Please the easiest and most simple way :) Also, if possible. is there a way to determine if the user has clicked on the highlighted text? P.S Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times. I've looked high and low all over the internet for...
  5. Grags_1977

    Need ideas for my mountains.

    Ok so i've added a huge mountain range, and there's lots of places to go on them etc. But I don't know what to do with them. I know what Items are going to be there and abilities etc. But I don't know what content to add. I really want to turn the whole thing into a massive bandit camp. But I...
  6. Grags_1977

    Ability Animation in Object Editor

    A little rumour tells me I can set the required animation to play through Object Editor. Could somoene please explain to me how I do this? As atm I use this... Ability Events Conditions Actions Wait 0.01 seconds Custom script: call...
  7. Grags_1977

    Show amount healed.

    I've searched high and low on the forums for a decent system that shows amount healed. But had no success. This is a very old one I made for my Enigma map. But it's just rubbish. Life Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions If (All...
  8. Grags_1977

    Strange problem with one of my abilitys

    Firstly please don't be put off by the triggers. They are not complicated whatsoever. Around the map, I have many unlit torches. These torches are stored into a unitgroup (UnitGroup_Torches) The hero can light these torches with his Firebolt ability. The hero SHOULD have shared vision with a...
  9. Grags_1977

    Image Verification

    For some reason I have to do an Image Verification every time I post. This has just started recently out of nowhere? I can assure you I am not a bloody bot :)
  10. Grags_1977

    Minimap show

    Couple of questions about the minimap. How do I disable black mask on only the minimap? Ive seen other maps where the minimap zooms into the hero's current position. This would be AWESOME! for my game. And finally, I created a post earlier about this problem, but my fix didn't fix it... I...
  11. Grags_1977

    Spell Recovery.

    When a unit casts a spell. Is there anyway to modify the speed in which the casting unit recovers. My hero stands there for a good few seconds after pretty much every ability. All though, during this time, I can order the hero to attack, and he will. EDIT: Triggers are pretty much a no go...
  12. Grags_1977

    Minimap indicator. (Research)

    Seacrhers. This is how i've changed my minimap icon... Firstly I went into game interface and changed the icon under resources to what ever I felt suited. and then used the following line. Neutral Building - Turn special minimap icon On for SomeUnit Original Message EDIT: NVM Fixied.
  13. Grags_1977

    Summon Unit, no go through doors.

    I desperatly want to add a summon unit ability to my hero. BUT! I don't want the user to be able to manipulate the "bug?" in the game, that allows them to stand near a door or a paving blocker and summon the unit to the other side. This isn't just a small problem as it can and will ruin...
  14. Grags_1977

    Another maths question :(

    I want to take away 20% gold of my hero when he dies. Set player1 gold to player1 gold - 20% How do I do this please? :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o
  15. Grags_1977

    Ability able to target fog of war.

    As seen in the picture. I want to be able to target them crates there. But because it's in fog of war, the hero trys to get closer so he can see it before he'll cast. Is there anyway around this? EDIT: Ignore the insane stats the hero has, purely for testing purposes. EDIT2: If i'm not...
  16. Grags_1977

    A bit of research (File Sharing)

    Howdy, shmee again. :thup: In a couple of days/weeks time I would like to post a playable version of what i've done so far to get some feedback, ideas etc. The problem I have is the map is allmost 20mb. And that's too large to post on here. Does anyone know of any trustworthy filesharing...
  17. Grags_1977

    Weird random number issue.

    Searchers. If you're having random number problems. 2 possible solutions. A, File/Preferences/Test Map: Uncheck Fixed Random Seed. B, Obviously a bug in the wc3 engine. Try Converting a random real to an integer. Example: Set RandomNumber = (Integer((Random real number between 1.00 and...
  18. Grags_1977

    Odd or Even?

    Unit Group - Pick every unit in UnitGroup_HiddenHostile and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Owner of (Picked unit)) Equal to Neutral Hostile Custom...
  19. Grags_1977

    Remove "Player X" above units head

    I need fixed player settings so I get the Human UI everytime. But, I don't want Player X above any units head either. Obviously I can rename them to something like "Villager" but i'd rather there be nothing there at all and still get the Human UI.
  20. Grags_1977

    3DS 9 to MDX?

    Is there a way to convert 3DS 9 to MDX? I've seen a few converters on the hive workshop. But it seems none of them work for 3DS 9. Am I looking in the right place?