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    Some "little" questions about ability, and items :)

    Hi guys, I have some little question about skill and items. Here they are: Items: How to make a charge based item? Let's say I have Blades of Attack which increases damage by +9, when I buy it again it will increases the charges to 2 instead of taking another slot in inventory. But it will...
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    Change Shockwave damage with trigger

    Hi guys, I need some help from you to help me with these questions :p How to change the shockwave damage with hero's attribute*multiplier? Could we make a spell that deals basic damage+additional damage? For example: Raigor's Fissure, instead of dealing 275 damage it will deals Raigor's...
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    TD Any volunteer to help me create my map?

    Hi guys, I'm new to World Editor. It's true that I'm starting to train myself about World Editor. I'm starting to think to create my own map. But since I don't have the ability and knowledge in World Editor and Jass script, it would be almost impossible for me to create the map. So I tried to...
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    Customized Evasion chance (not by skill level)

    Hi guys, after trying so many ideas for my maps. I came to think that I should make a new chance for Evasion ability. Which are determined by the difference between the attacking unit's agility and the attacked unit's agility. I have a though that the main foundations would be: The Evasion...
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    The Spellbook ability removed, but the effect doesn't instantly removed

    Well, I think the title says it all. Here's my trigger: Trigger Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Orb of Darkness Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (Player group((Owner of (Triggering unit)))) and do...
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    New to World Editor

    Hi, all. I'm new to World Editor, I've been playing DotA for at least 3 years. It's true that DotA is an excellent game, but lately I began to think to create my own little map. But I'm a little confused with Jass Script and the GUI trigger. I have a little knowledge about algorithm, although...