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  1. skullkidd

    installing Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

    I got Adobe Flash CS3 not too long ago and I wanted to download it today on my desktop. So i put in the disk... and i wait... and wait... nothing loads up. I go to my computer and it says there is no disk in the drive. I looked through the requirements and the only one that I stumbled on was...
  2. skullkidd


    My alone in the dark signature. Which one do you like more? If you can't tell ignore this haha. I tried to make the flashlight's light more realistic in the first one. Version [1] Version [2]
  3. skullkidd

    GFX site - need staff

    I literally just opened my site (link at bottom). Its still under major construction but the forums are open and I need to develop staff. I have created a website back in the past and I know that the birth (so to speak), is the hardest part. So thats what I am working on as of now. Any...
  4. skullkidd


    Rate out of x/5 please. Which one is the best? (i am just getting back into this, its been awhile) [Edit] Took off to fix:thdown: [Edit] put new ones on. Number one is the same, two and three are different. #1 (same) #2 #3
  5. skullkidd

    a real quick question about items

    Alright so you know how some items you can hold like 10 or so of the same item in the same slot? And that number comes up in the corner of the pic of how many you have? Well what am i supposed to edit in object editor to make my custom items be like that? Instead of each one you pic up it...
  6. skullkidd

    melee poll

    Mine is orc. Never was any good at night elf or undead.
  7. skullkidd


    Anyone know any fun custom made campaigns. I haven't found a decent one since DotD. I'm interested in playing some :thup:
  8. skullkidd

    people who know how to make multiboards...

    I am really busy on my map right now and don't have the time to make a multiboard and learn all the steps. So to the people that are bored or just want to help, can you create me one. I will give you appropriate credit for it & rep. I could really use your help. So if you are interested look...
  9. skullkidd

    JASS Question

    Is there a way to hide the special effect, "talktome" (over someone's head of course) to the person that finished the quest and only the people that haven't done the quest can see it? For more information about what I'm looking for...
  10. skullkidd

    Quest Special Effects

    Alright I'm sure you know what the quest special effects are. You know the "talktome" one and the questionmark one. Alright so im making an ORPG and I'm using them. I have a quick question though about them. (I'll try to explain this to the best of my ability) Alright so your getting a quest...
  11. skullkidd

    Favorite console

    the xbox 360 is my favorite. They always seem to have cool games coming out. Very violent ;). Plus xbox live is more interactive and fun then both PS3 and Wii.
  12. skullkidd

    hero drop items

    Is there a way for heroes to keep their drop items? Instead of only the first time it dies it drops something? If so, how?
  13. skullkidd

    RPG Life's Last Hope 1.0

    Story: The last civilization on earth is very peaceful until one afternoon when darkness filled the skies. The darkness bred all sorts of creatures and plagued the lands. They call themselves, Legion. Ever since that fateful afternoon people have been changing... turning into monsters. Our last...
  14. skullkidd


    I'm trying to revive Neutral Hostile Heroes and it doesn't seem to be working with the ways i have tried. such as... hostile heroes Events Unit - A unit owned by Neutral Hostile Dies Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True Actions...
  15. skullkidd

    Respawning creeps

    Alright so I have tried many creep re spawning methods. And they all pretty much work but there are certain things that aren't working like I would like. The problems i am having are: When creep heroes re spawn they go back to level one and they don't have the same items anymore. Here is what...