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  1. CEMEHbl4

    Neutral Pl + Share Vision = MAP Revealed!

    So i have a problem. On my map (AOS) i have Neutral player (comp) who control creeps,and if i use function "Share Vision with player" players who ally with neutral player (and share vision) SEE ALL MAP WITHOUT FOG OF WAR! No units placed. This is strange. Nothing like this in WC3. 1. Can...
  2. CEMEHbl4

    Cant make 7x7 AOS game!

    so the problem is that i cant make 7x7 player AOS game, here is always +1 player in first team (in lobby) so its 8x7! 1. I need 14 slots in lobby,2 teams (user controlled) 2. And 2 computer players to control creeps (but they should not appear in lobby slots!) So can some one post a...
  3. CEMEHbl4

    Detect who is Host?

    In the WE Unlimited here was a half working function to detect in game who is a host! something like "get_host" I wonder is here in GE - some way to detect in game who is a host?
  4. CEMEHbl4

    Editor Consume too much memory!

    I have 2 gb system with WIn7 x86, so the problem is that its hard to test map without closing editor! Because Editor consume like 800-1000 mb! And game is lagging as hell... so... my question is - if someone has discovered some tweaks or little tips or hints what ever, how to avoid this...
  5. CEMEHbl4

    How to change Race Tint Color?

    For Terrans all UI is green, i need to change it to pinky... <3 How to change Race Tint Color?
  6. CEMEHbl4

    An ally units is under attack! (annoying message)

    I am trying to make an AOS map, and when creeps of both sides meet and attack each other, here is major problems: 1. On the left side, message is shown: "An ally units is under attack!" 2. Voice - same female message (pretty sexy bitch) 3. Minimap Mass Ping of unit locations... Its like 30...
  7. CEMEHbl4

    How to get player name???

    How to compare player name with a string? I am in a shock right now, i cant find function to return player name!!! How to get player name??? -------------------------- Transformed to (read the thread to see why (or go to Imdb PRO lol) ) : How to compare player name with a string?
  8. CEMEHbl4

    Doodad Auto-Transparency!

    When unit stand behind doodad it starting to Auto-Transparency! What to do if i want to use doodads but just dont want some of them to gonna transparent? Simple Question.
  9. CEMEHbl4

    Simple IS_HERO Validator? (Data - Validators)

    i understand how to make a a validator like - unit type is ULTRALISK but how to make a validator - Is unit a hero??? any help here? thx
  10. CEMEHbl4

    Hero Movement Problem

    Hello i have a problem. I made a hero, he is stand still but when he is attacked he start to moving away! without my orders! This is annoying. Which parameter defines how it should act when attacked? Thx for any help...
  11. CEMEHbl4

    Analog of *PhoenixFire ability* ??

    hey guys i just in a shock right now... Because i cant find any analog of *warcraft 3 PhoenixFire ability* !! Who dont know - this ability allow to make battletanks / battleships type of gameplay. Weapons+ Its not the same!!! Because its not support weapon stacking... if here 2 weapons...
  12. CEMEHbl4

    Blizzard: We Broke Our Renderer

  13. CEMEHbl4

    Kerrigan will be Raynor's girl?

    so i think Raynor not only rescue her but F*** her also... :eek: they will be together in my opinion...
  14. CEMEHbl4

    NO Dynamic Light - Blizzard's Big Fault

    i just looked videos on youtube... Starcraft has Dynamic Shadows but time of the day is FIXED! becouse i dont see timer,and I saw 20min video - time is FIXED so i think Blizzard is crazy as always:nuts: ***************** on asteroids of course its must be fixed... but not on a Jungle...
  15. CEMEHbl4

    Offense Farm Keeper *NEW*

    Farm Keeper 1.0.1000 *NEW here around no normal farmer maps... so i made one!:eek: lol and this is my most advanced project after Battle Ships Expression & Diablo II series Objectives To win you need to destroy farmer's house (2000 HP). Gameplay Farmer have only 10dmg - so its pretty hard...
  16. CEMEHbl4

    Create a copy of the (saved-game) and name it (variable-string)

    Plzz help i need to make a copy of the saved game file, when the player will press SAVE GAME and name it (variable-string) or just,save the game using triggers, with specific name (from (variable-string)) i know,its possible to make in WEU,but its not work for me in WEU... so i ask...
  17. CEMEHbl4

    WEU: copy-saved game trigger does not work!!

    listen guys i have a simple trigger: Untitled Trigger 002 Events Game - The game is about to be saved Conditions Actions Game - Create a copy of the (Saved-game filename) saved-game and name it XX-XXXX.w3z why its not work!? WAR3 version: 1,21 WEU version: 1.20
  18. CEMEHbl4

    Battle Ships Expression

    main features for this battle ships is: - support of 6x6 players! * first battle ships which support it - new system of gold split * so 2x4 games with leavers, its not unfair for now - SAVE/LOAD system (saving your total number of wins and number of kills) - inventory with 30slots! (F1-F5...